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Top 10 Movers and Shakers for the Week of January 27

It’s after Christmas, but there are some new movers and shakers climbing up the top toy list. Let me share them with you!

#1 – Monster High Dot Dead Gorgeous Lagoona Blue Doll

All the Monsters are getting ready for a party and Lagoona Blue looks fabulous in her patterned ice blue dress with the pink net skirt. The skirt also has a star decorated waistband.

She’s dressed to the teeth in all her bling and those to-die-for shoes. She’s wearing lovely necklaces, a bracelet and earrings. The doll comes with four accessories-a purse, a makeup compact, a mirror and the cute iCoffin phone.

Scarlett (my daughter) has another Lagoona Blue doll but this one is gorgeous! She’ll want it for sure.

top 10 toys

#2 – LED Finger Lights

LED Finger Lights are great to add to a party. Using these fun lights, kids can put on their own light display, use them while dancing or to show off as special effects in the dark. Not only are these fun when at a party, but they can also be used to rev up photos or to enhance videos with spectacular light. Read the rest of this entry »

Top 10 Toys Moving Up the Bestseller List January 2013

Hi everyone! One thing I LOVE to do when shopping for toys is not just look at long-term bestseller lists – but to look at the trends developing with toys using a “movers and shakers” list that shows current sales and consumer feedback. Today I’ve gathered the top 10 toys that are steadily climbing rapidly up the bestseller list.

Some are classics, some are new releases. All are favorites by consumers, so you can’t go wrong!

#1 – Monster High Basic Travel Deuce Gorgon Doll

This doll from the popular Monster High collection is in high demand and he’s rare, too. Deuce Gorgon is the 16-year-old character whose sharp green eyes can make people turn into stone. The son of Medusa, he’s one of the most popular kids at the school and he’s the boyfriend of Cleo de Nile.

The doll has jointed arms and legs so he can be easily posed. He comes with shorts, a drawstring hoodie, travel bag and shoes. The wrap-around glasses he has are what helps him keep his stone-turning power under control.

top 10 toys

#2 – Rummikub

I wanted to buy this one last night but couldn’t find it in our local Target. So we got Bananagrams instead. This is a family game that entertains both adults and kids. The goal of the game is to the first player or team to play all the tiles on your tray. The game has four trays to hold the tiles up so your opponent can’t see them. Read the rest of this entry »

Bestselling Musical Instruments for Kids

Top 10 Toys Moving Fast Up the Bestseller List

Hi everyone! Today I want to talk about the movers and shakers of the toy world. That link will take you to a list that is updated hourly – so whether you land here within 5 minutes of when I post this list or 2 years from now, the link will always be amazingly current and accurate.

These are toys that are being gobbled up by consumers really quickly – a sign that they’re trending among kids and their parents.

#1 – Neat-Oh! LEGO 3 Piece Storage Set

This is an awesome storage collection slash play arena. These three LEGO storage totes and boxes transform into play areas. For instance, the Lego Zipbin Head lets you carry your LEGOs in it – but open it up and it’s a building surface.

The Lego Racer Zipbin is a storage container, but open it up and it has a ramp inside with a surface for using your Lego racers on! The Lego City Fire Zipbin is a storage box – but it’s also a large Lego City area!

bestselling toy

#2 – Pink Radio Flyer 3-in-1 Walker Wagon

Too cute! This looks like a little pink turtle – it’s a ride on toy but it transforms into much more! Your toddler can open the turtle shell and it kind of looks like a wagon. Or, she can turn it into a stroller of sorts. Really neat conversion toy. Read the rest of this entry »

Top 10 Bestselling Toys for the Week of January 6, 2013

Hi everyone! Once a week I like to check in with you and give you a rundown of what the bestsellers are – and discuss them as parents and whether or not we own any of them, and what our experiences are. I do leave off any adult toys – like raunchy card games – these are for kids only :)

You can view all the current bestsellers here.

So let’s get started:

#1 – Lego Minecraft

We did buy this one awhile back – for my middle son’s birthday (he was turning 13 and he’s really into Minecraft – the whole family except me is). He loved it, but it is small. I paid out the nose for it, too – because you couldn’t find it anywhere! But now it’s available and cheap. If your kids play Minecraft – great game for the family to participate in – they’ll love this.

Lego Minecraft

#2 – Syma S107/S107G R/C Blue Helicopter

We’ve owned this one too – the cats loved to attack it. All of the colors are popular, but blue is beating the rest right now. It flies pretty good. Toddlers wouldn’t be able to handle it, but kids around age 6ish or up will love it. Read the rest of this entry »

Bestselling Toys for the Week of 12/31/12

Hi everyone! Every Monday I’ll be checking in with you to go over the top 10 toys each week. They change each week and the bestseller list is based on who’s actually buying what – but as always, I’m sure I’ll have something to say about them below LOL:

#1 I’m not even going to put on here – because it’s NOT a toy for kids! It’s a naughty toy game for adults, and I’m not sure why they list it in the bestselling toys area – should be in adult stuff. So let’s bump it off the map.

#1 – Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter – Blue, Yellow and Red

I’m not going to take up three spaces just to show you the various colors of this exact same toy. But this RC helicopter is what’s top in actual toys. We’ve owned one. My daughter got a flying fairy and my son got one of these. It was all fun and games until the cat got ahold of it.

This RC helicopter has amazing performance – and over 1,000 consumer reviews saying it’s glorious. And it is. It’s easy to maneuver and it flies really well. We just have 3 really easily annoyed cats who are hunters in our house, so they mangled it. It is very lightweight, which means its performance is awesome.

Syma RC Helicopter

I’m going to skip the cables that made it to the top bestseller list because those aren’t toys, either. Read the rest of this entry »