The Future of Toys Is in Your Child’s Hands (and Head)

Hi everyone!Every year, I like to go out and research what kinds of toys are on the horizon for our kids. There’s no denying toys have come a long way – and many classic toys are wonderful in their own right, promoting a high level of imaginative play.  Continue reading

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Baby Doll That Can Go in the Water in the Bathtub

Hi everyone! As the mom of three kids, I know bathtime can be a welcome time or a struggle, depending on the mood of the little one. One thing that helped me make bathtime enjoyable for all three of my kids was to get them a baby doll that could go in the bath! Continue reading

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Have We Put Too Much Emphasis on Gender with Toys?

Hi everyone! As a mom of three kids, and a tomboy in my youth, I’ve gotten exhausted by the back and forth bickering regarding gender and toys.

Growing up, there were toys that were assumed for boys and toys assumed for girls. my parents never said, “No you can’t have that racetrack or slingshot” if I wanted one – they just bought it.  Continue reading

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Top 10 Best Toys for Kids with Sensory Processing Disorder

Hi everyone! Today I want to talk to you about a disorder that’s rarely officially diagnosed – mainly because it’s not harmful or life threatening, and we tend to label it as personal preferences that kids just grow out of.

But my daughter had it. Still does to some degree, but it was worse in her toddler years (she’s now 11).  Continue reading

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Barbie Toys

The Barbie brand of toys is under the company Mattel. The toy was created by Ruth Handler in 1959 and is called Barbie due to Ruth’s daughter who was named Barbara. When the doll was first released, the doll’s eyes didn’t look straight to the front but had a side-eyed look.

This look was changed in the early 70s. The doll is well-known for her line of fashion accessories. The doll’s boyfriend Ken was introduced to the world in 1961 and was named after Ruth’s son, Ken. Continue reading

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Beados Quick Dry Design Station

Hi everyone! As a kid, one of my absolute favorite things to do for playtime were arts and crafts. You couldn’t keep me away from anything creative. Now, my kids are the same way – and even as an adult, I still love coloring books (shhhh).

One of the best toys in the crafts department that I’ve seen in awhile has to do with colorful beads. Check out my review below…

Every parent knows that crafts keep kids’ hands busy and also educate as they go – from motor skills to creativity and imagination. The Beados Quick Dry Design Station has an extra benefit that parents will love – no mess.

The colorful beads fuse with water rather than messy glue, eliminating the need for caution when playing and designing creations. The set comes with 500 beads, six templates to create your design, two trays for display, a spray bottle, a fan that quick-dry the creations and other accessories such as a tweezer pen. Continue reading

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