Unboxing the Barbie Style Midge Doll

Hi everyone!  I’ve started doing something a bit differently here on top10toysforkids.com – ordering the products and doing unboxing videos of them with my daughter Scarlett!

So we started with a series of dolls, which I’ll post here – but there will be toys for all ages and both genders reviewed, too. Today we’re unboxing the Barbie Style Midge Doll.

Here’s the video and text below… and Scarlett had just come in from playing outside, so I didn’t notice until afterwards that her nail paint had chipped and she needed to clean her nails. Trust me when I say we did it immediately after making the unboxing videos. LOL Continue reading

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Top 10 Toy Boxes for Girls

Hi everyone! When I was a little girl, living in the same house I now raise my kids in (I’m sentimental that way), I remember my Mom telling me to clean my room.

I had a little round table shaped and painted like an apple. In the middle, there was a “stem” that you could lift and under the stem, there was a pouch to store things in. With no toybox, I used to stuff an incredible amount of toys in this poor little pouch and top it off with the stem, hoping my Mom didn’t see it all bulging out.

She always did.  Continue reading

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Top 10 Toys That Teach Your Child How to Tie Their Shoes

Hi everyone! I’m a mom of three and have had to teach three kids how to tie their shoes. It’s strange how each kid is a bit different in how they learn. Some learn the traditional way, others using toys and tools, and some using songs and imagination.

I can tell you right now the main thing you want to have is patience 🙂 Your child will get frustrated, as kids do, so you need to be steady and calm and encourage them.

If you have a TOY, it makes the process that much less painful to them. It becomes something fun, not a chore they have to learn and dread. I want to show you ten of the best toys you can get to help teach your kid how to tie his or her shoes.

#1 – Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wood Lacing Sneaker

Learning how to tie their shoes can be a big step for a child and it’s made easier when he or she can learn by using a toy. With its wood pieces shaped like a tennis shoe, kids as young as 3 find it easy to use. The shoe has a long, thick string that’s easy to hold onto – and kids can have fun while practicing. An important part of learning how to tie shoes is learning how to lace up the shoe. This wooden toy has wide shoelace holes that are easy for little fingers to guide the laces through.

tieshoes1 Continue reading

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Top 10 Toys for 3 Year Old Girls

Hi everyone! It’s at age three when little girls start getting into girly toys and when kids begin differentiating between gender toys. That’s not to say there aren’t a few toys that go either way, but it’s SO darn cute seeing your little three year old girl play with her girly toys.

I have a daughter who is now 8, but we had many of these when she was three – and they’re evergreen toys – perfect for three and up!

#1 – Melissa & Doug Abby & Emma Deluxe Magnetic Dress-Up Set

Kids love paper dolls, but younger kids often can’t handle the paper version because they’re too rough on them. So this wooden dress up set is just right for three year old girls. These colorful, magnetic dolls are sturdy and the perfect fit for little hands. They’re guaranteed to give your child a lot of fun and imaginative play time. With 60 pieces in the set, your daughter can mix and match clothing for hours. The set is suitable for ages 3 and up. Continue reading

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Top 10 Pools for Kids

Hi everyone! It’s summertime – yea! Every year, we go swimming at my Mom’s house but I also like to get a kid pool for the backyard – something they can cool off in and splash around in on a whim.

So today I wanted to give you a heads up on what the top 10 kiddie pools are for backyard fun. These pools will fit a few different age groups, so just find what works for you. Oh and for extra fun, how about one morning you wake up before the kids and fill a bunch of water balloons and have them filling up a small kiddie pool? Mine LOVED it when I did this for them. It was ready to go – just go out and have fun!

Okay and confession time, here. When my first son was born, and he was walking and still in diapers, know what I did? I bought a large inflatable pool and put about 1-2 inches of water in it IN THE LIVING ROOM and he had SO much fun playing for hours in it. And I didn’t have to worry about him getting too much sun!

#1 – Intex Recreation Froggy Fun Baby Pool

Your baby or toddler will love spending time splashing in the water in this colorful 12 gallon capacity pool. In the shape of a frog, this baby pool is perfect for ages 1-3. The bottom has air cushions so your child won’t be sitting on a hard surface. Continue reading

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Toys for 1 Year Old Girls

When you’re looking for toys for 1 year old girls, you have a couple of different choices among the types of toys you buy. Some are perfect for either gender – boy or girl – and some are obviously meant for little baby or toddler girls.

I chose these top 10 toys for 1 year old girls based off of three things: what I know my own daughter LOVED playing with, what other consumers rate high, and what’s on the bestseller list at this time.

#1 – Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Stride-to-Ride Puppy

Your baby girl learning to walk is a time to celebrate. This puppy lets babies learn their first steps while keeping her steady as she walks. Babies get to have fun while they’re learning to walk, too. As babies are learning to walk, the lights on the puppy’s nose will twinkle. The button collar around his neck lights up, too. Continue reading

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