Top 10 Toys That Teach Your Child How to Tie Their Shoes

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Hi everyone! I’m a mom of three and have had to teach three kids how to tie their shoes. It’s strange how each kid is a bit different in how they learn. Some learn the traditional way, others using toys and tools, and some using songs and imagination.

I can tell you right now the main thing you want to have is patience 🙂 Your child will get frustrated, as kids do, so you need to be steady and calm and encourage them.

If you have a TOY, it makes the process that much less painful to them. It becomes something fun, not a chore they have to learn and dread. I want to show you ten of the best toys you can get to help teach your kid how to tie his or her shoes.

#1 – Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wood Lacing Sneaker

Learning how to tie their shoes can be a big step for a child and it’s made easier when he or she can learn by using a toy. With its wood pieces shaped like a tennis shoe, kids as young as 3 find it easy to use. The shoe has a long, thick string that’s easy to hold onto – and kids can have fun while practicing. An important part of learning how to tie shoes is learning how to lace up the shoe. This wooden toy has wide shoelace holes that are easy for little fingers to guide the laces through.


I like the look of this one and I think it’d be perfect for younger kids getting their hands familiar with the process. Bright red colorful toys always grab my attention anyway 🙂 And, once your kid is done with learning how to tie their shoelaces, introduce them to the story of the old woman who lived in a shoe and give them some tiny action figures to use with it. LOL!

#2 – Alex Toys Little Hands, One, Two, Tie My Shoe!

Kids can quickly learn how to tie shoes with this set of 4 shoes and decorative laces that lace up just like a real shoe does. The shoes are made of strong foam and since it’s a multiple set, it’s great for large families or kindergarten teachers who need to help students learn how to tie their shoes. The shoes come with an easy to follow instructional card.


This is perfect for moms of twins or triplets who have a few kids to teach all at once. And yes, teachers, too! Doesn’t look AS fun, but it’s still a nice option to have.

#3 – PlanToys Plan Preschool Tie-Up Shoe Preschool

This wooden shoe is environmentally as well as kid safe and you can use it for babies as well as toddlers. The wood is recycled and the paint used is non-toxic. The loops are large enough to make it easy for little fingers to thread the shoelace through as they learn how to tie a bow. Kids love to play with the shoe as well and by threading the lace through the hoops, it helps your child grow his fine motor skills.


So tiny and cute! This is for eco-friendly parents who want safety as a paramount option. It’s a good, green product – and it looks like a baby shoe, so I’d use it on younger tots.

#4 – I Can Tie My Shoes Board

Tying a shoe isn’t easy but there’s a toy that can help your child learn fast. The bright red shoes are made on a sturdy wooden board and have a printed poem in the center that kids can use as a guide to help them be able to tie their shoes. The laces are built into the set to prevent young kids from putting them in their mouths. The board also has the shoes identified by left and right shoes, which help your child to learn his left and his right.


Now I love that this one teaches right and left in addition to tying shoes. This is one of the methods that teach the song or saying, so it has all elements involved – fun, memory, and additional lessons!

#5 – Gund 15.75″ Teach Me Elmo

Kids love Elmo and they’ll love using one of their favorite characters to help them master the art of tying their shoes. The toy is designed to teach kids skills such as buttoning, zipping and snapping along with tying. The shoelaces are built into the shoes and kids can tie them quickly. This is a great way to teach kids the basics.


I bought this for one of my sons. It helped him learn more than just tying his shoes – it has the zipper, the buttons, the snaps, etc. So it’s a comprehensive toy I can personally recommend.

#6 – I Can Tie My Shoes! Lacing Cards, Ages 4 and Up

Even if your child can’t read yet, this set can help him learn how to tie his shoes. It teaches children to tie shoes in a way that’s fun as well as educational. The cards look like real sneakers as well as boots and kids enjoy playing with them as well as learning. Kids can use the cards to help build their hand and eye coordination. The set comes with 6 card and a set of 6 colorful laces. This is a great idea to have for classroom use too.


Another toy fitting for a classroom or multi-kid environment. You could also let your child collect them once they master each one!

#7 – Alex Toys Learn to Dress Monkey

Kids learning how to dress themselves and tie their own shoes is one of the first steps of independence. Kids can explore the 11 different activities that are part of this cuddly monkey. These activities include learning how to put buttons through buttonholes, zipping up a pocket and learning how to tie shoes. The socks and shoes are removable and kids love getting the monkey ready in the mornings by putting on their stuffed ‘friend’s’ shoes and tying them.


I like the monkey almost better than I do Elmo. Shhh, I know it’s sacrilegious to say things like that about a Sesame Street character, but this monkey is so CUTE! And it has all of the other elements on it too, like zippers, snaps and buttons. Precious!

#8 – Alex Ready, Set, School Activity Box, Alex Little Hands Series

This learning kit is packed full of activities. Using the ‘learning is fun’ teaching method, your child will be taught important skills while he’s playing. He’ll learn his letters and numbers, how to use scissors, how to tie his shoes and more. This set is great to have for kids in order to prepare them to begin school.


This kit I adore because it has all sorts of stuff they have to know to get ready for school – not just the shoe tying part. They learn their motor skills. But Moms, please don’t fret if you’re on your first child and some teacher says your child’s motor skills are weak. They did this to my first son and he was just fine. I panicked seeing his gentle writing thinking something was wrong. It wasn’t. LOL!

#9 – Learn to Tie Your Shoes – Tebby Tie Pink Butterfly

It can be hard for little fingers to keep the shoelaces tight and that’s a necessary part of being able to tie a bow. This toy can help keep the shoelaces tight while your child learns. It’s great for use in teaching single or double loops. The design of the toy enables your child to learn each step needed for tying his shoes. The toy can also help your child to practice on his own.


If you click through on the picture you’ll be able to see actual images of the toy on the shoes themselves. This is a cute “take with you” idea so when your child is at preschool or school and their shoe comes untied, they’ll be able to handle it without you.

#10 – Lamaze Learn to Dress Activity Doll

For a child, part of growing up is learning how to dress himself and how to tie his shoes. This learning doll can help your child to get a grasp on the basics he needs to know. This doll has 5 fun dressing steps including buttoning, buckling and shoe tying. The doll helps children advance their fine motor skills and learn colors, textures and patterns. Kids love to play with as well as snuggle with the doll.


I like this one, too – it’s like the Elmo or Monkey dolls. So if your kid loves cows, go with a cow! It’s unique and that’s what’s important – giving your kid a toy he or she hasn’t always had, like teddy bears.

Tying shoes is important. As a mom of three, I’ve been there. You want your kid tying as fast as possible. Teachers are nagging you because they don’t want to have to tie your kid’s shoes – and with velcro on the market, who needs shoelaces anyway?

But take my advice – go ahead and teach them early. Let them develop their own pace and desire to learn. Don’t be too pushy. They’ll do it because that’s what kids do – they can’t stand having a toy sitting there that they can’t use. 🙂


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6 Responses to Top 10 Toys That Teach Your Child How to Tie Their Shoes

  1. Karla says:

    I LOVED this post. Especially that it introduced so many ways for kids to learn while they play! And it offered so many options. How fabulous…it makes me wish my teenager was a little one again. 🙂

  2. Edie Dykeman says:

    How cute! Love the images – they certainly fit the topic. Thanks for your willingness to share.

  3. Terry says:

    The toys look great! My question concerns safety. At what age are children considered old enough to be safe with strings and cords? Thank you!.

    • Admin says:

      Hey Terry! Each toy has a safety rating built in. I know when my daughter went to kindergarten, only a small handful could tie their shoes. So around 5 they should be proficient with it.

  4. Judi says:

    Where can you buy the tebby tie pink butterfly learning device or something similar to it?

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