Hi everyone! As the mom of three kids, I know bathtime can be a welcome time or a struggle, depending on the mood of the little one. One thing that helped me make bathtime enjoyable for all three of my kids was to get them a baby doll that could go in the bath!

Kids don’t even realize they’re doing a chore at that moment. Instead, they’re focused on caring for their own little one. Now there are many different kinds of dolls that can get wet, but take it from my experience – you don’t want to buy the stiff ones.

If you look at the wide variation of dolls that can be put in a bath, you’ll notice most of them are the cheesy brick hard ones that barely move.

Basically, my kids ignored those and they just floated away. The best doll for bathtime is one like the Corolle Mon Premier Bebe Bath Girl Doll, which is very lifelike in terms of softness and realistic features.


The key to finding the right doll for your child’s bathtime is to first get a doll MADE for that purpose. If you stick any old doll in there and it’s not supposed to go in the water, then you’ll discover it getting moldy and ruined real fast.

This particular doll is made for the bath. You simply hang it up by a tab on the back of its neck area, and it drains out. It’s filled with little beads that help it dry fast, but it also makes it soft and makes the baby doll more movable.

I like that this doll is made with a vanilla scent, too. Wouldn’t it be awesome if they made it with baby scent? You know that precious smell post bath of baby shampoo that you just want to cuddle?

I also like that it has those eyes that close gently when you lay it down. So your child can let it float and sleep if he or she wants to pretend that baby is so relaxed in the bath, they’re napping. And in the meantime, there’s an extra yellow rubber duckie for your kid to play with.

I’m big on dolls for boys and girls. It teaches them to be nurturing. And I always watch kids playing with dolls to see how they were raised. You see some kids gently hugging and taking care of their babies, and others who act like Sid in Toy Story – and you’re just sure they’re bound to be the next serial killer on the block. LOL!

Raise ’em right, y’all!

Tiff 🙂