Hi everyone! As a kid, one of my absolute favorite things to do for playtime were arts and crafts. You couldn’t keep me away from anything creative. Now, my kids are the same way – and even as an adult, I still love coloring books (shhhh).

One of the best toys in the crafts department that I’ve seen in awhile has to do with colorful beads. Check out my review below…

Every parent knows that crafts keep kids’ hands busy and also educate as they go – from motor skills to creativity and imagination. The Beados Quick Dry Design Station has an extra benefit that parents will love – no mess.

The colorful beads fuse with water rather than messy glue, eliminating the need for caution when playing and designing creations. The set comes with 500 beads, six templates to create your design, two trays for display, a spray bottle, a fan that quick-dry the creations and other accessories such as a tweezer pen.

The creation of Beados Quick Dry Design Station lets your kids dry their creations in a fraction of the time it would take to air dry. The set is recommended for ages 4 to 14 years of age – but even adults will enjoy the multitude of designs you can create.


Create the designs in one tray and then spray them and dry them with the fan that helps them dry quickly. Voila! Your child’s creation springs to life and they can then display them to everyone they know.

Only one spray of water from the spray bottle is enough to join the beads together and make them adhere. There are only 3 simple steps to creating the designs: design, spray and then display.

The Beados Quick Dry Design Station comes with templates for a butterfly, ice cream cone, fish and fire truck – and more. Bead colors in the set include red, pink, yellow, purple, orange, black and white.

It’s the perfect combination for your child to create all sorts of designs for the template and many of his own creations. If your child loves crafts, you may want to check out the Beados S2 Glitter Quick Dry Design Station, which takes regular Beados and adds the shimmering of sparkly glitter.

Kids love the beautiful glitter beads that give their creations an extra punch of glamour. Also part of the Beados collection is the Beados Exclusive Crystal Quick Dry Design Station, which includes all the storage and quick drying station of the other Beado sets.

But, the beads are crystals that gleam and make more sophisticated and even more beautiful designs. Beados beading kits will provide your children with many hours of creativity and imagination.

Girls will especially love the shimmery designs possible with the Glitter and Crystal kits, but boys will love to put together their own designs and engage in their own type of creativity.

Let me know if you’ve bought these for your kids or if you plan to. I always love hearing from my community!

Tiff 😉