Hi everyone! I can’t wait for Christmas Eve this year. I always try to get new games or fun stuff. Last year, we had the Pie Face game and that was fun.

But this year, after seeing tons of hilarious videos shared on Facebook, I bought the Watch Ya Mouth game here:

Now you have to be VERY careful if you order a game like this. There are some knock off games that have phrases that are intended to sound dirty. You don’t want that. This one has adult AND child-friendly versions, so you just pick which ones you want.

This one that I bought has family safe phrases.

So how does it work?

Basically, everyone gets their own mouthpiece (I’ll be sterilizing these in the dishwasher AND writing everyone’s name in Sharpie on them so we’re not using each other’s mouthguards. LOL!

You get a card and have to say what’s on it while this mouthpiece is in – so basically, it doesn’t let you use your lips.

It comes with 6 adult and 4 kid sized mouthpieces and you can order more here separately if you want or need them.

From what I’ve seen in videos, you also might want to have a paper towel ready in case anyone drools on themselves.

I don’t suggest watching too many of the videos, though because then you’ll know the phrases. Keep it a surprise!

You can buy expansion packs for the Watch Ya Mouth game, too. Just make sure you choose Family Friendly instead of the other adult kind.

One other thing I might suggest is that you buy expansion packs for the knock off versions like Lipless. That way you have a nice variety of phrases and fun.

This Christmas Eve, after dinner (and a good tooth brushing), we’ll be playing this with myself, my 12 year old daughter, 17 year old son, 24 year old son and his girlfriend. Should be a lot of laughs!

Tiff 😉