Is your child obsessed with learning about animals? Would you like to turn their curiosity into a way for them to learn about language through fun animal facts? If so, you should check out LeapFrog’s 100 Animals Leaning Book.

What Does This Toy Include?

This book is an electronic learning toy that requires two AA batteries. It does include them, but new batteries are recommended as the included ones aren’t meant for regular usage.

It has six double-sided pages that include pictures of many different animals. The pages separate the animals by habitat so children can learn about where their favorite animals come from.

The twelve pages of the book are interactive. Pressing on the picture of one of the 100 animals will make the book read out information from one of the multiple play modes. There are three different modes children can choose from.

The first option reads out the names of the animals, the second option will read out fun facts about the animals, and the last option will play the sounds that those animals make.

Your child can switch between these three play modes on the top of the small control panel to the right of the book. On that control panel are two other options, including a volume adjuster and a language switch.

The language switch lets your child choose if they want to learn about animals in Spanish or English. This feature is great for those who want their child to be bilingual, as hearing the two languages side by side will help them remember what those words mean.

The book also has a yellow light-up star button on the bottom right corner that sings three different learning songs, and they also have the option of being sung in Spanish or English.

This toy comes in two different colors, pink and green. You can also choose the option of having frustration free packaging if you’d like to avoid having to deal with difficult and irritating packaging on a birthday or Christmas morning.

Who Is This Toy Good For?

This toy is an amazing option for those who have curious kids with an interest in animals. The interactive aspect of the book will make children more engaged and more willing to learn in a fun way.

Your child will also enjoy this toy if they love music and sounds. The multiple different songs and variety of animal noises will keep your child entertained while also learning valuable lessons.

The LeapFrog 100 Animals Book is also great for parents who would like their children to be bilingual. With this book, you or your child can easily switch the language the animal names, fun facts, and songs are spoken in from Spanish to English.

Why Should You Choose This Toy?

This toy is a great thing to get for your child if you want them to learn. There are so many different things your kid can learn from this book, from different languages to habitats to facts about their favorite animals.

The book is also very durable. It’s made out of hard plastic, so it can handle being dropped or thrown. The material of the book is also easy to clean. The pages are thick, so if your child has a tendency to rip pages, they most likely won’t be able to damage this book.

Another great feature this toy has is its adjustable volume. Being able to choose the volume of this toy is good for kids who struggle with loud noises or parents who don’t want a super loud toy going off constantly.

Overall, the LeapFrog 100 Animals Book is an informative, entertaining, interactive electronic toy your child can use to learn not only animal facts, but also many words in different languages.