Hi everyone!Every year, I like to go out and research what kinds of toys are on the horizon for our kids. There’s no denying toys have come a long way – and many classic toys are wonderful in their own right, promoting a high level of imaginative play. 

What I discovered is that manufacturers are focusing on the ultimate level of customer satisfaction by giving your child more control over the toy’s creation itself.

You’ve probably heard of 3D printers, right? Well get this – Mattel is coming out with something called a Thingmaker – and it’s going to let YOUR kid design and print his or her own toys!



Even I am excited by this thing – and you can PREorder a Thingmaker now so that you get it before Christmas in 2016. Drool!

So your kid downloads an app that lets him or her design the toy – and then send it to the machine from the cloud server and it makes it.

Can you even imagine how much fun kids are going to have with this? It’s endless.

Kids who are young teens can do it on their own, but you may have to help little ones.

Very excited about this future toy find. Parents are going to want this to be under the tree in Christmas 2016 for sure!

Tiff 😉