Hi everyone! There are tons of baby toys on the market – and some are under $10 while others are an arm and a leg. I’m here to guide you int the top 10 toys for babies that cost under $10. Let’s take a look at what consumers are raving about:

#1 – Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

Babies love the classical music and the light show this toy gives them. Parents love that the toy comes with and adjustable volume control. The handle is designed for a baby’s hand and has brightly colored beads on the side that babies enjoy playing with. Seven classical tunes are installed in the toy. Lights will react as each song is played.

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

#2 – Baby Einstein Bendy Ball

Exploring and babies go hand in hand! Giving your baby the Baby Einstein Bendy Ball introduces him to primary colors in this flexible plastic ball that he’ll love to explore. The finger holes make it easy for him to hold the ball and as he shakes it, the rattle will make a noise, which helps a baby to further develop their sight and auditory senses.

Babies love the colorful caterpillar on the outside of the ball. The ball is 4” around and lightweight enough for a baby to toss around.

Baby Einstein bendy ball

#3 – Lamaze Play & Grow Freddie the Firefly Take Along Toy

This is a soft toy that delights babies with the colors in the design and the sounds it makes when played with. There are plenty of activities to entertain babies. The body of the firefly is velour and the wings have crinkle material inside – babies love that sound! I know all three of my kids loved it.

A rounded squeaker is on one of the wings while small, circle mirrors are on another. The attached teether is perfect for teething babies. The bottom of the firefly has click clack rings and as baby swings the firefly around, the rings make noise that baby loves to explore.

toys for baby under 10 dollars

#4 – Sassy Bathtime Pals Squirt and Float Toys

It’s time to make bath time a fun time with the Sassy Bathtime Pals Squirt and Float Toys. This set of five toys is made of cute characters. They’re easy for babies to squeeze and then squirt out the water.

Babies enjoy holding the float toys under the water and watching as they fill up. If a baby decides to chew on the toy, it’s perfectly safe because these are non-toxic and BPA-free. That’s important in keeping your little one healthy.

bathtub toys

#5 – Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack

The Rock-a-Stack is well designed toy that helps babies to learn about colors, size and coordination. The base and the rings are made of safe, soft plastic. The top ring of the stack is clear with designs and has little balls inside of it.

Babies love to wave this ring and watch the balls move around and listen to the noise it makes. The base of the toy rocks back and forth and is lightweight so it’s not a problem for baby to move it around.

You probably had one of these stackers when YOU were a baby! They’re classic toys. Watch the video showing it in action with a baby here:

#6 – Sassy Developmental Wonder Wheel Suction Toy

The Sassy Developmental Wonder Wheel Suction Toy is an award winning toy that can fit onto a high chair for baby to play with thanks to the strong suction cup on the bottom of the toy that will hold even if baby hits it.

The toy can also be used though if baby is on the floor. There’s so much to stimulate a baby visually with this toy. It has bright colors, rings he can play with at the base and he can spin the wheel of the toy and watch the colors go.

Inside the spinning wheel, little beads will drop from the inside ring of the toy as well as in each of the three inside components. Babies are fascinated by the stripes and patterns and the mirrors.

Wonder Wheel Suction Toy

#7 – Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Blocks

Baby blocks help a baby to learn how to learn shapes and how those shapes match where they belong. The toy comes with 10 shaped blocks baby can drop into the cut-outs on the lid.

She’ll enjoy filling up the bucket with the blocks and then emptying them out. The toy helps baby learn colors, coordination and problems solving. The bucket doubles as a storage container and has a convenient handle.

#8 – Munchkin Twisty Figure 8 Teether

When babies are teething, they want something they can sink their teeth into! The Munchkin Twisty Figure 8 Teether is designed with separate teething spaces in an easy to hold figure 8 shape.

Because it has a rattle sound, babies love playing with it too. It has great colors and different textures for each of the 4 teething spaces. Babies love having the different textures. This is a useful as well as an entertaining teether.

baby teether

#9 – Bright Starts Grab and Stack Blocks

These blocks quickly become baby’s favorite toy and it’s no wonder. These are oversized blocks that are soft all the way around so they’re easy for baby to grip and of course chew on.

They’ve got loops on them so that if you want to, you can put them on a car seat to entertain baby on the go. Each of the 4 blocks is colorfully decorated with a letter of the alphabet, designs, numbers and characters.

Bright Start Grab and Stack Blocks

#10 – The First Years Star Teething Blanket

Getting a teething blanket is a wonderful gift for those with teething infants. The material of the The First Years Star Teething Blanket is terry cloth, which makes it comfortable and easy for baby to snuggle up to.

It has different areas of the blanket with textures that your baby can chew on. The blanket has noisemakers-crinkly areas and a squeaker, both of which entertain babies. The blanket is lightweight and attaches easily to a baby carrier.

Teething blanket

Which one is your favorite baby toy for under 10 dollars? Mine is the first one – the take along tunes toy. Brilliant! Colorful, lights up, and musical. Babies will love it.

Tiff 😉