Hi everyone! One of my kids’ favorite topics for bedtime reading growing up was dinosaurs. Of course, the movies and toys didn’t hurt in making them crave that topic.

It’s always fascinated me, too – and we have a wonderful dino exhibit here in Fort Worth at the museum, too.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 bestselling dinosaur toys you can buy today:

#1 – Assorted Dinosaur Pack

This assorted dinosaur pack comes with 12-68 pieces, depending on which package you order. The smaller one is the #1 bestseller in action figures on Amazon, so it has a huge following.


#2 – Smithsonian Diggin’ Up Dinosaurs T-Rex

This dino digging toy is the #1 bestseller in archaeology and paleontology kits on Amazon. You dig up the skeleton of a T-rex dinosaur, just as you would out in real life.  Once your kid unearths all the bones, they can assemble it.


#3 – Dinosaur Foam Mask Toys

Now this isn’t as much a toy to play with as it is a toy to help a little one’s imagination get unleashed. Kids love masks – the pretend play of it all – and these comfortable foam dinosaur masks let younger boys and girls have a blast pretending to be their favorite dinosaur.


#4 – Dinosaur Egg Toys

One of the best dinosaur toys is the kind that grows. These three dino eggs hatch a T-Rex, Triceratops, and an Ankylosaurus. Aside from the toy, they also get a collector’s card for the dinosaurs.


#5 – Dinosaur Toy Puppets

Parents underestimate the power of dinosaur finger puppets. My kids had a blast with these – and I am grateful they kept me sane during appointments ad other on-the-go errands with my kids when they were younger. You get 12, which is good because if there’s a younger sibling that wants some, they can play, too.


#6 – Ultra T-Rex 

This huge dinosaur toy walks and makes sounds, but he’s highly interactive.  His eyes and spikes light up, he stands 2 and a half feet tall, and he can open and close his mouth.


#7 – Realistic T-Rex

This realistic T-Rex toy dinosaur isn’t as flashy, but it IS more realistic. It’s hand painted and its lower jaw opens and closes.


#8 – Inflatable Dinosaur Toy

This inflatable toy dinosaur is a great find for kids of all ages. It’s a brachiosaurus and it stands about 36′ high. You could use this as a centerpiece for a birthday table and then your kid could play with it afterwards.


#9 – Dinosaur Scary Toy

When I say scary dinosaur toy, I’m talking fun scary, not cry scary. This is one where you try to rescue the eggs before the T-Rex jumps out and gets you. Looks fun!


#10 – Plush Dinosaur Toys

This one is great! The dinosaur toys in this pack are all plush and there’s a convenient carrying case for them, too. It comes with five 6″ bean stuffed dinosaurs.


These dinosaur toys are only the tip of the iceberg as far as what’s available. There’s something for every kid out there – scientific, imaginative play, those who like cuddly dinos and those who want scary ones.

Tiff 😉