Hi everyone! Sometimes you want a toy made of a certain material. In the old(er) days, we would find things around the house and make toys out of them. A paper towel roll became a sword. A shipping box became a castle.

Now, you can actually buy cardboard toys that really maximize your child’s imagination. I love it! We’ve bought the cardboard playhouses before, but they have SO many awesome things now.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 cardboard toys for kids – and if you want to take a look at a category, click on the category title. If you want to look at the specific item pictured, just click on the image:

#1 – Cardboard Playhouses

The regular cardboard playhouses look so cute – they’re white and have black features outlined so that your child can color it all in. Now as a kid, I would have meticulously colored in every inch of it – but not my daughter.

She got hers for Christmas one year and sort of colored here and there – but mainly she just wanted to play inside of it.

The cardboard houses last a pretty long time. I’m not sure if you had really rambunctious boys how long it would last, but they’re sturdy so unless they’re wrestling and flying into the walls, it should do well.

They have some really cute plain playhouses, but I have to show you this one called My Very Own House Cottage, which comes with 8 jumbo markers. When you go check it out, look at the customer images. Some cute stuff on there – show your kids so they can see how it’s done.

cardboard playhouse

#2 – Cardboard Blocks

There are wooden and plastic blocks and bricks, but cardboard blocks are lots of fun – they’re classic. The Melissa & Doug Deluxe Jumbo Cardboard Blocks set is perfect – and the images show how sturdy they are – there’s a kid standing on one (click through the link to see the images). There are 40 blocks total in a variety of colors. And they’re really big bricks, too.

cardboard blocks

#3 – Cardboard Castle

I didn’t put the cardboard castles with the playhouses because they’re two totally different things. The imaginative play is unique for each one – so I wanted them listed individually.

The Medieval Castle Playhouse is my favorite. It comes with 4 markers. I like the little dropdown door. Consumers say it’s really roomy and sturdy and easy to assemble. This could be bought for a little prince or princess in your life.

cardboard castle

#4 – Cardboard Trains

Now we’re getting into the unique stuff. Cardboard trains are very unique – your kid can pretend to be a conductor right in their own room! The Discovery Kids Cardboard Train is a great gift idea for kids. Your child gets 6 feet of locomotive power. They can color it and make believe for hours.

cardboard train

#5 – Cardboard Pirate Ships

Another unique cardboard toy – the cardboard pirate ships let your little one embrace their inner Jack Sparrow. This one is called Pirate Ship and it comes with 4 markers. Cute! I would also buy some of the pirate hats and a pirate treasure box (all cardboard) to go with it.

cardboard pirate ship

#6 – Cardboard Rocket Ships

Does your child want to be the next Neil Armstrong? Get him or her a cardboard rocketship as a gift. The Corrugated Space Shuttle is my spaceship of choice. It’s good for older kids too, and it comes with markers to color it.

cardboard rocketship

#7 – Cardboard Guitars

Now your child doesn’t have to play air guitar anymore. They can whip out their cardboard guitars that they themselves designed, and jam away. My husband plays his guitar and I know two of our kids always wanted to pretend right along with him. The Color Your Own Cardboard Guitars is a really affordable set – perfect for a birthday party, too.

cardboard guitar

#8 – Cardboard Carriages

This is so cool! Cinderella’s transportation is now available as a cardboard carriage for your little girl to play with. The Corrugated Carriage is the best one available. It has 4 markers and double lock tabs to strengthen it better.

cardboard carriage

#9 – Cardboard Ice Cream Trucks

I shouldn’t really have an S on the end of that – because there’s just one. The Imagine Wagon is the name of it and it’s so cute. Look just like the real deal. The double doors open in the back of the truck. The dashboard folds down. And it has side mirrors. It even comes with a luggage rack, a light bar and ice cream signs!

cardboard ice cream truck

#10 – Cardboard Kitchens

Most of the kids’ kitchens are plastic or wood, but I found a great option called the Cocorico Cardboard Kitchen and it’s really cute and simple. It has an oven door that opens. There’s a chicken image on it – like an old fashioned country kitchen.

cardboard kitchen

Okay so which is your personal fave? Mine has to be the ice cream truck. It’s innovative and has tons of extra details and features.

Tiff 😉