Hi everyone! Crayola makes the best toys for artistic purposes. It’s a household name – something we all grew up with. Generic just doesn’t cut it, you know? They have the most vibrant colors in their art sets, too. So I wanted to share the top 10 bestselling Crayola toys with you today.

#1 – Crayola 52-0029 Crayola 150-Count Telescoping Crayon Tower

The Crayon Tower is a three-tier collection of crayons that will collapse back when your child is finished coloring. The rounded shape of the tower lets kids see all the available colors at once.

It comes with 150 crayons, 16 of those are special metallic crayons and 16 of them are glitter crayons. It also has a crayon sharpener that you can take out if you want to. This is a great buy for kids for coloring or for art.

I have always loved Crayons – I’m one of those parents who loves to color with her kids. And the sets where you get more Crayons, the better. I bought this for Scarlett and I don’t know which of us loved it better.

Crayon tower

#2 – Crayola Model Magic Jewelry Studio

Kids can become a jewelry designer and create their own unique beads. They can combine colors to find one that they like, use the spinner and a bead is created! Once the bead is cut and dried, they can put the bead glaze on it to make it shiny. The finished beads can be turned into necklaces, bracelets or earrings.

The set has 8 packs of the Model Magic that’s used to make the beads, cord for making jewelry, earring posts and wires, charms and a lot more. There are enough supplies to make more than 160 specially designed beads.

I have decided to buy this for Scarlett. She’s very much into making jewelry right now and I love the beaded idea. It says it’s good for ages 6-15 so she should be able to do it with no problem. She doesn’t have her ears pierced, but she can do necklaces and bracelets and make earrings for her friends and family.

Crayon Jewelry

#3 – Crayola Glow Book

Using the Crayola Glow Book, kids can make animated creations that will glow in the dark. Younger kids love the layered look of the creations and older kids love that they can use the Glow Book to create cool signs for their room.

The book can be used to create countless images using the plastic panels that swing open the way a book does. Kids can set the flashing lights to add depth to the designs and since the lights can be used in the pre-set mode or programmed per each user, kids can make one of a kind creation.

The set comes with the Glow Book, the special glow markers, the drawing surfaces, tracing guide and instructions. The Glow Book does use batteries but has a 60 minute run time before auto shut off kicks in to help you save the battery juice. I love glow in the dark toys. Just adds another element of fun for the kids.

Crayola Glow Book

#4 – Crayola Window Markers with Crystal Effects

These are an amazing and cool set of markers. Kids can use these markers to make any glass surface look like it’s made of crystal. When you use the markers, the colors will instantly crystallize and it makes the glass then look like a work of art.

This is a great indoor activity for the kids to do because the colors are completely washable. They’ll come off of fabric, skin and the windows can be wiped off. You get 8 colors in the pack. We have a huge all-glass back double door set, so Scarlett is always using washable markers on them. But these crystal ones look even better.

Crayola window markers

#5 – Crayola Glow Dome

Kids can draw on the outside of the dome and on the plastic panel inside the dome to create their own freehand designs. Or they can use the tracing sheets to create a design. Once they have the artwork on the dome and the panel, they can choose from the different light settings.

The lights can light up the dome and the inside together or they can choose to light them up separately. The base of the dome will turn the globe so that the artwork spins. When the lights are off, the artwork will glow in the dark.

If you take off the dome, there are storage bins inside the base piece for keeping the markers. The set consists of the dome, the inside drawing panel, 2 tracing sheets and 6 neon glow markers. Watch their video on it:

#6 – Crayola Crayon Maker with Story Studio

This is a cool invention that kids can use to mix crayons and create new swirl crayons. There are 8 crayons included that you can break into pieces and put into the mechanism but this gadget is a great idea to use for all those pieces of crayons anyone with children has around the house!

You can watch the crayons melt in the center piece and there’s a safety lock so that the lid can’t be opened while it’s in the melting stage and also the gadget won’t work if the lid is open.

All kids have to do is put the crayons in the center, watch as they melt and then pour the now liquid crayon into the molds by tipping the machine. It creates 4 new crayons at a time. There’s also a code where kids can change a photo into a cartoon character and then put that character into a story to color.

We own this and our whole family has fun using it! I love the smell of the Crayons melting (I know, weird) but it’s neat watching them melt. The best ones are the high contrast ones – like blue with yellow, for example. It doesn’t “make green” but it swirls together really neat. The Crayons are a little more fragile – not a ton, but a little – because they’re not wrapped in paper, but if they break – oh well, melt them again and make a new one!

Crayon Maker

#7 – Crayola Ultimate Art Supply Case

Crayola materials have long been a staple in art projects. Now you can have all those materials together in one handy plastic case. Having everything together makes this a great take-along kit, too.

The case is divided into sections to keep all the supplies neat. Kids get 12 colored pencils, 24 markers and 24 crayons. But also included in the kit is watercolor paint along with the paint brush. There are 30 colored sheets of paper kids can use for different art projects along with glue and scissors.

Although this isn’t really a toy in itself, it is fun for kids to use – kind of like a briefcase for portability. And it comes with lots of art supplies. I know when I traveled with my dad, I hated that my art supplies would get lost all over the car or plane.

Crayola case

#8 – Crayola Color Explosion Glow Board

This toy lets kids unleash their inner artist and it’s simple to use, but gives hours of fun. The toy has two drawing surfaces that fit together with the back one sliding out of the glow board. Kids draw on first one surface then the next and stack them together.

Using the 6 glow-in-the-dark markers, kids can draw freehand or use designs from the tracing sheet. The Glow Board lights up and displays the artwork. It can display the front panel, the back panel or both at once.

The flashing lights bring the artwork to life. The panels are easy to clean with a wet paper towel for multiple usage. Watch the video to see how it works:

#9 – Crayola Dry Erase Activity Center

This is a great learning center for kids. There are over 25 activities. Kids can learn how to write, how to do simple addition and play games of skill. The dry erase top is clear so you can change out the templates to be used over and over again.

The center comes with an eraser and four markers plus has storage to keep the items neat. This is a great toy to take along on car rides to keep young ones entertained. Scarlett loves to play school with her dolls, so this would be perfect for that.

Crayola Dry Erase

#10 – Crayola Color Wonder Barbie Coloring Pad

Scarlett’s into Barbie and I love Color Wonders – because it’s a NO mess type of toy. This coloring pad lets your child color the Barbie images anywhere, without you having to worry that they’ll get marker on your fabric.

barbie crayon

What is your favorite type of Crayola product?

Tiff 🙂