Hi everyone! This was a movie I didn’t think I would like as a parent, but it was cute! I really loved the message – and my favorite character is ’Mater, of course. There have been two parts to the Cars movies – so let’s take a look at the top 10 Cars toys that consumers are buying right now – and this is a line both boys and girls will love:

#1 – Playhut Cars Lightning McQueen Play Structure

I just did a post on cardboard playhouses – and this one isn’t cardboard – but it’s a neat playhouse made like Lightening McQueen. It can be indoor or outdoor. Really roomy for kids to play in.

Cars playhouse

#2 – Cars 2 Deluxe Character

This is the Lightening McQueen character – the main Car in Cars who the story centers around. You’ll want to collect all of these for your child, but of course this one is the top one being bought.

Lightening McQueen Car

#3 – VTech – Disney’s Cars – Lightning McQueen Learn And Go

This is unique and really cool! It uses the voice of the real character form the Cars movie. The Qwerty board slides out as shown here, but when pushed in, it looks just like the car. You’re viewing it from the top. It’s a learning game – and your kids can use it horizontally or vertically.

Cars Vtech

#4 – LEGO Cars Agent Mater 5817

My favorite character – Mater! This is a Lego Duplo set (so it’s great for toddlers and younger kids). In this case, Mater has a canon that really fires in the back of the truck.

Lego Mater

#5 – Disney / Pixar CARS 2 Movie 155 Die Cast Car #1 Race Team Mater

Another of the individual collectible cars from Cars, this is Mater, the lovable clunky truck.

Cars Mater

#6 – Cars Mack Truck Playset

When you first see this toy from Cars, you might think it’s just an 18-wheeler. Nope! It opens up into an entire playset. It turns into a stockpit garage so your child can have the characters get fully serviced. It also comes with a Lightening McQueen diecast car.

Cars 18 wheeler

#7 – Fisher-Price Disney/Pixar Cars 2 Spiral Speedway Grand Prix

For kids who love racing games, this Cars toy will be a hit. Put Lightening McQueen and Francesco up at the top and see who makes it down first. When the starting gate is pushed, you also hear real racing sounds to make it come to life. And it says a few phrases from the movie, too. Fun!

Cars racers

#8 – Disney / Pixar CARS 2 Movie 155 Die Cast Car #5 Holley Shiftwell

Even though this is the “girl” car from Cars, she plays an important role – so even little boys will want to own this car in the collectibles. Plus, she’s purple – and everyone loves purple.

Cars Holly

#9 – Fisher-Price Disney/Pixar Cars 2 Bubble Mater

This one is my favorite of the top 10 Cars toys listed here. I never really thought about it, but Mater kinda looks like a lawn mower. You know how they have those bubble mowers? Well here’s a bubble Mater. LOL!

Cars Bubble Mater

#10 – Fisher-Price Disney/Pixar Cars 2 Wheelies 4-Pack

This is a neat 4-pack where you get Lightening McQueen and Mater, plus Francesco and McMissile from the movie Cars 2. And these all do wheelies.

Cars 4 pack

Which Cars toys are your child’s favorites?

Tiff 😉