Hi everyone! My daughter Scarlett owns an American Girl doll – looks like her and everything. But the thing was $100. My daughter got it when she was 7. She’s hard on it – and I wouldn’t have bought it for her – my Mom did, though.

I wouldn’t get her another one – but this past Christmas, she asked for the wheelchair and crutches set for her American Girl doll (she loves to pretend she has a hurt foot) and I wanted her doll to have a friend to play with.

But no way was I shelling out $100 on an American Girl doll. I just don’t personally think they’re all that. The Adora Baby doll line is about 30% cheaper and still high quality.

You can buy infants or older dolls (I’m showcasing the older ones) and you can buy some that have Halloween costumes on – really cute!

Here’s the entire set of Adora baby dolls so you can pick and choose a different one if you need to. But I’m going to showcase the top 10 here:

#1 – Adora Baby Doll, 20 inch “Happy Birthday Baby” Sandy Blonde Hair/Blue Eyes

The outfits on these baby dolls are my favorite part of them. Little girls love frilly dresses (on dolls, but hate it when they have to be in them for long periods of time themselves LOL).

The dress has a birthday theme – really precious – and she has big blue eyes and the details are hand painted. Hr sandy blonde hair is up in pigtails. The doll is vinyl and it smells like baby powder. What’s cool is that the body is weighted to feel like a real baby. And of course, it’s diapered!

adora doll

#2 – Adora Baby Doll 20″ E.I.E.I.O. Sandy

Blue eyes and sandy blonde hair – with a blue outfit. I love it! This is also vinyl with a baby powder scent. And it’s weighted. I like the blue headband she has – accents pull the doll together perfectly. She’s called the EIEIO doll because she has a farm theme – little cow looking design on her outfit 😉

adora doll

#3 – Adora Baby Doll, 20 inch “Daisy Delight” Red Hair/Blue Eyes

This little one looks like she’s ready for a 4th of July party! So precious. She has the same hand painted details, weighted body and baby powder scenting. But her gingham dress (navy and white) and little bows with polka dots is so cute. This one has red hair, so if your child has auburn colored hair too, this is a perfect choice.

adora doll

#4 – Adora Baby Doll 20″ Oink (Light Blond Hair/Blue Eyes)

Another really cute dress! This little blonde eyed beauty has one a pink, white and black dress. There’s a little piggie on the front of it. And what’s so cute are the shoes – they look like piggies!

adora doll

#5 – Adora 20 inches Baby Doll Froggy Fun Red Hair/Green Eyes

The company calls these dolls Adora because they’re “yours to adore.” How true. This little red headed beauty is wearing a cute green froggie outfit – from her head to her toe. Adorned in preciousness. The sandals are hand made and she has a little froggie purse with her.

adora doll

#6 – Adora 20 inches Baby Doll Tutti Fruity Red Hair/Blue Eye

So cute – this is the kind of outfit that as little girls, we swore we’d dress our daughters up in everyday. Cute pigtails with bows, pink, green and white outfit. This one is hand numbered!

adora doll

#7 – Adora Baby Doll 20″ White Daisies (Dark Brown Hair/Blue Eyes)

For some reason, this one reminds me of the Easter season – or church. The outfit is mostly white, except for a few yellow accents. It’s kind of a daisy theme. Really cute – and I love the dark brown hair and blue eyes.

adora doll

#8 – Adora Baby Doll, 20 inch “Little Sweetheart” Light Blonde Hair/Blue Eyes

This one has a pink dotted dress with a neck that has ruffles. It has an embroidered heart and little roses. Her hair is high and curly and in pigtails.

adora doll

#9 – Adora Baby Doll, 20 inch “Black Velvet” Black Hair/Brown Hair

This is my favorite. The little Asian looking doll has a black and hot pink dress – velvet and a really cute silver buckle on the bodice. I love the black hair.

adora doll

#10 – Adora Baby Doll, 20 inch “Simply D-lightful” Red Hair/Blue Eyes

This is another one that reminds me of Easter or springtime. Maybe it’s the colors – robin’s egg blue, white and yellow. Really cute outfit and her dress has a little sweater with it. She has auburn hair and blue eyes. Really cute!

adora doll

These are the toddler versions. You can find infants and older dolls that look like your child too. We’ll cover some of those in future posts!

Tiff 🙂