Hasbro is one of the biggest brand names in toys. They’re a household name that’s been around forever and they’re the manufacturer behind many top lines – both classic and modern.

I went digging to find the current top 10 Hasbro toys being gobbled up by consumers right now. Let’s check them out:

#1 – Jenga by Hasbro

We own this! Fun family game. Made of wooden blocks, it’s all about building the tower and removing some of the blocks. If you make it fall, you lose!


#2 – Angry Birds Star Wars Fighter Pods Jenga Death Star by Hasbro

If your kids love the Angry Birds, then this Star Wars deathstar Jenga style game is perfect for them. It’s really cute – the deathstar looks like a pig and the trooper pigs are placed inside as the Star Wars angry birds fly into it.

Angry Birds Star Wars

#3 – Lazertag System 2PK by Hasbro

My boys love lazertag. This is a Hasbro set that comes with two of the lazer guns and they vibrate when you’ve been hit. It also comes with a shield that you can use for protection.


#4 – Trouble Board Game by Hasbro

This has one of those pop and roll dice features with it. The goal is to get all the way around the board without getting bumped back to the starting line.

Trouble game

#5 – Candyland by Hasbro

This is a classic game – we own it and I owned it as a little girl. Perfect first game for kids and grows with them. Very colorful. Easy to play. Make your way through the candy land to get to the candy castle!


#6 – Yahtzee by Hasbro

Another classic game brought to us by Hasbro. Love this game. Roll the die and pick which combination you want it to add up for. Score the highest and win!


#7 – Furby by Hasbro

The teal Furby is the most popular one being sold right now. This is an interactive toy and it works with your gadgets like iPhone, iPad, etc. Feed him, tickle him, pull his tail. He’ll react to your voice, too!


#8 – Monopoly by Hasbro

This is another classic game brought to us by Hasbro. Monopoly is a household staple. My family loves it. I always like to be the iron and I love buying the light blue set.


#9 – Gamma Green Hulk Smash Fists by Hasbro

We have these and my kids love them. No clue why – it’s just hilarious to put them on and chase each other while making the Hulk sounds. LOL

Hulk hands

#10 – Bop It! Smash by Hasbro

Bop It is a fun game. You have to time your reaction just right to be in the zone. This is all about reflexes and speed.

Bop It

Which Hasbro toy is your favorite? Out of this list, I’m going to have to say my personal preference is Monopoly. Old school. Bet my kids would choose the Hulk hands.

Tiff 😉