Hi everyone! My kids – all three of them – LOVE the LEGO brand. They have tons of sets and I’d be willing to guess that almost their entire area under their beds are LEGO boxes. The brand just came out with a new line called the Legend of Chima and I gathered up the top 10 sets people are buying and enjoying right now and thought I’d share those with you!

#1 – LEGO Chima Cragger Command Ship 70006

The in-demand Legends of Chima has a new LEGO set that’s pretty awesome. The LEGO Chima Cragger Command Ship 70006 is a ship that’s shaped like a crocodile but is a boat.

The front looks like the face of a crocodile complete with sharp teeth. The mouth of the crocodile snaps and the tail moves. The propellers are the two back legs of the crocodile and the crocodile carries two mini-boats on the front legs.

There’s a lot of cool stuff with this set including weapons that can be hidden near the head of the crocodile. With a lot of secret places to hide, there’s plenty of ways to fool the enemy.

This LEGO set has six of the minifigures and four of the CHI weapons that are important for protecting the world of Chima. You can prepare for battle when you send out helicopter and fire the flick missiles to fight back against the Chi thieves.

Lego Chima

#2 – LEGO Chima Wakz Pack Tracker 70004

The Pack Tracker is the vehicle Wakz needs to help him find his enemy Equila because Wakz has to get the CHI and what better way to go after it than using a vehicle that can easily move across rocky or flat ground. There’s no way Equila can get away this time!

This vehicle has some pretty cool accessories and detailing especially the wheels with their sharp teeth extended outward. These teeth are use to clear out anything in the path. The rear afterburners are an amazing effect and the rear winch keeps Wakz from staying stuck.

The vehicle has a cannon to show the enemies he means business and the front of the vehicle, the jaws, actually open to bite! The set comes with Wakz, Equila and Winzer. Two of the CHI weapons are also included.

Lego Chima

#3 – LEGO Chima Eris Eagle Interceptor 70003

With the 348 piece LEGO Chima Eris Eagle Interceptor 70003, you can get the jump on the enemies who try to steal the CHI. This vehicle, shaped like an eagle, has a cool cockpit in the beak and talons that can descend on unsuspecting enemies and immobilize them.

The Eagle fires missiles and has a prison holding area for captured enemies. There’s also an awesome eject function. The Eagle has 4 CHI weapons as well as flick missiles. Eris, Razar and Rizzo are the three minifigures included.

Lego Chima

#4 – LEGO Chima Crawley Claw Ripper 70001

Oversized rear wheels let the LEGO Chima Crawley Claw Ripper 70001 be a force to reckon with. The front tooth claws can easily travel over even the roughest area. The mouth of the Claw Ripper opens and closes and the enemy isn’t shy about using the huge mouth to get away with the valuable CHI or to scoop up one of the good guys!

This vehicle has the cockpit behind the mouth and it’s got a hidden area to store the stolen CHI. The two minifigures it comes with are Leonidas and Crawley.

Lego Chima

#5 – LEGO Chima Laval Royal Fighter 70005

Keep a watchful eye out over Chima and protect the Lion tribe CHI with the LEGO Chima Laval Royal Fighter 70005. When the enemy tries to run with the CHI, have the advantage in battle using the advanced weapons – the ripping claws and the gnashing teeth. Laval, Longtooth and Crawley are the minifigures you get with this set.

The vehicle is shaped like a lion and has a cool rotating cannon. It comes with a mission map and rubber tracks so the vehicle can travel anywhere.

Lego Chima

#6 – LEGO Chima Razcal Glider 70000

Razcal uses his glider to look over Chima. From his high vantage point, he can be ready in seconds to protect the CHI from enemies. Enemies shudder to see the red eyes of the raven bearing down on them.

The raven’s claws can snatch minifigures and the rear chain can also hold on to minifigures. The wings of the raven fold so that Razcal, the minifigure that comes with the set, can alter his course. The cockpit area is just behind the head of the glider.

Lego Chima

#7 – LEGO Chima Ultimate Speedor Tournament 70115

It’s time for the LEGO Chima Ultimate Speedor Tournament 70115 and all the tribes are geared up and ready for the tournament. It’s time to take the CHI for their tribe. Use the rip cord to send your guy into the mouth of the lion so that you can set the CHI orb free. Hit the CHI tower and you get even more CHI for your tribe.

In this 246 piece set, you get a lot of accessories including the minifigures of Laval and Cragger and you can choose from 4 weapons. Two of the Speedorz come with the set along with two power upz. For play, there are 10 game cards. You’ll also get the ramp and fire cones.

Lego Chima

#8 – LEGO Legends of Chima Set #70013 Equila’s Ultra Striker

Equila’s striker is a powerful machine used to protect the Eagle tribe’s CHI. This vehicle has the ability to launch 2 rockets at a time. The rubber tracks are wide and allow this mean machine to go anywhere you desire it to go. With the sharp claws on the front, it can create a quick opening through thick brush or through a throng of enemies.

The cockpit opens and closes for easy in and out for the minifigure and you get 3 of those in this collection. You get Equila, Wilhurt and Eglor. Your weapons load gives you both the standard plus the CHI and the Striker has ejection system.

Lego Chima

#9 – LEGO Legends of Chima Eagles’ Castle 70011

In the heart of Chima, the Eagles’ Castle awaits a worthy player. Settle the minifigures on the speedorz and let the game begin. You want to be the first one to move the wings and expose the coveted golden CHI.

Your minifigures of Worriz, Lennox and the great Eagle leader await your skills. The castle set has moveable wings, 2 speedorz with the rip cords and 2 of the power-upz. Also included are 4 weapons, 12 CHI and the play cards.

Lego Chima

#10 – LEGO Legends of Chima Razar’s CHI Raider 70012

Fly high into the sky above Chima to get to the CHI temple. Quickly grab the CHI but be prepared for a battle! You’ll need the 4 flick missiles to get into the Eagle Tribe’s temple and the hook will help you grab the CHI.

You have a storage compartment where you can put the CHI while you make your escape but you might have to use the talons and sharp beak to make a get away. The Eagles can fight back with the cannon so beware. Razar, Rizzo and Ewar are the three minifigures you’ll get plus you also get the CHI temple!

Lego Chima

My favorite is #4 – the Razcal Glider. I like flying toys (even if the kids have to pretend that they fly. But this one looks so cool. I love the colors, too.  Which one is your favorite? And how many sets have you collected in the LEGO Chima line so far?

Tiff 😉