Hi everyone! When I was a child, it was all about Weeble Wobbles. Now, it’s Little People. We’ve owned (and still own) tons of these sets. My favorite is the Christmas nativity scene, but they have everyday Little People toys that are really popular.

Let’s go over the top 10 Little People sets. These are good for early toddlers through young kid ages. (About 2-6 but really, every once in awhile my youngest who is 8 still plays with them).

#1 – Fisher-Price Little People Lil’ Movers Airplane

Your little one can use his imagination to fly the friendly skies with the Fisher-Price Little People Lil’ Movers Airplane. The plane comes with the pilot, some passenger and luggage. The door of the plane opens and closes to let passenger on.

There’s an open top design and rolling wheels. When the wheels roll, it activates the seats to move. The plane a cute face design on the front and it has sounds and lights. Three AA batteries are needed for the lights and sound.

Fisher Price Airplane

#2 – Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm

The Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm makes animal noises and help kids to learn which sounds goes with which animal. The farm has a horse stall, a hayloft, a silo, and areas for the livestock.

The farm has doors that open and close. A farmer is included with the set along with his livestock-a cow, a sheep, a pig, a goat, a horse and a chicken. Toddlers enjoy playing farm with all the delightful animals! We used to own this and it’s really cute. A fun set for toddlers and younger kids.

Fisher Price farm

#3 – Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace

The Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace is a wonderful palace for your little toddler princess. This palace features 7areas of play where your child will spend many imaginative hours.

There’s a spinning dance floor where you can put the Little People on the middle stand and press down on the head. When you do that, the princess will speak phrases or you’ll hear song bits from the movie the princess is associated with. The palace knows which princess is on the stand, which is a cool feature that kids love.

There’s a looking glass mirror, a whistling teapot in the kitchen, a bedroom fit for a princess and even a balcony elevator. The front doors of the castle open and close and as the princess exits, there’s a tune that will play. Cinderella and Snow White are the Little People princesses that come with the castle, but you can get all the Little People princess collection. Watch the video that shows it in more detail here:

#4 – Fisher-Price Little People Lil’ Movers School Bus

It’s time to head off to school and the best mode of transportation for the happy school children is the Lil’ Movers School Bus. The bus has lights on top of it that are activated when the bus driver is pressed.

Besides the lights, the bus has sound too and your child will giggle at the noise from the horns and the snickers of the children. He’ll love hearing the bus driver instruct the children to sit down.

Along with the driver and two passengers, a wheelchair is also included. The doors open and the stop sign swings out to halt other traffic. The bus has an open roof design so your child can reach in and out of the bus with ease.

My little girl owns this still. She plays with the Little People and also puts her miniature La La Loopsy dolls in it and drives them all over the house. It works really well. A cute set!

Fisher Price school bus

#5 – Fisher-Price Little People Zoo Talkers Animal Sounds Zoo

I know this is a zoo but it reminds me of the Weeble Wobble tree house. This is the zoo where the animals get to play. The animals can have fun sliding down the winding slide or swinging in the tree basket swing. There’s an animal habitat for each of the animals.

You’ll get a gorilla, a lion, a polar bear and a zookeeper to take care of the animals. The zoo features animal pictures hanging on the walls of the zoo. There’s also a stand where you can put the animals on it and the zoo will say the name of each of the animals plus give the sound it makes. Kids have a lot of fun with this zoo!

Fisher Price Animal Zoo

#6 – Fisher-Price Wheelies Loops ‘n Swoops Amusement Park

The fun is here to stay with this amusement park that’s loaded with lots of fun things to do with the little wheelies. The height of the park is just above 2 feet which means the wheelies can really take off. There’s a 360 degree loop for a rollercoaster of a fun ride for the wheelies.

All kids have to do is push the button at the top and off the wheelie goes! The park has lots of cool extras like a ticket booth, silly fun house mirrors and more. It’s also activated with some fun songs, plenty of lights and sound. I remember having something like this as a kid but I don’t recall the brand. I just remember loving it. Watch the video to see what it’s like:

#7 – Fisher-Price Little People Noah’s Ark

The Fisher-Price Little People Noah’s Ark is great for imaginative play. The animals and the ark are easy to wipe clean so the toy can be played with indoors or out. The ark can also be used to store Noah and the animals when playtime is over.

The deck will lift off so kids can play with the animals inside the ark. It comes with Noah, 2 zebras, 2 giraffes, 2 elephants and 2 lions. It’s so hard to find a good Noah’s Ark toy and I love this one! If I were you, I’d buy a children’s book about the story, too and give it with this.

Fisher Price Noah's Ark

#8 – Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess: Ariel’s Coach

Ariel’s coach is a soft pastel colored coach in the shape of a seashell. It has a gently rounded top and inside the coach are places for Ariel and Eric to sit. This pretty little coach is pulled by a seahorse that will move up and down as the coach rolls forward.

Sebastian, the much-loved crab from the hit movie tags along for the ride and sits in the front of the coach. When you press down on Sebastian, he plays snippets of songs from the movie that kids love. Both Ariel and Eric are Little People that are also designed to be played with in the Princess Songs Palace.

Fisher Price Ariel's Coach

#9 – Fisher-Price Little People Play ‘n Float Bath Boat

The Play ‘n Float Bath Boat makes bath time a splashing good time. This red, yellow and blue boat features a captain with a looking glass. He can take up his watch at the front of the boat or go anywhere he pleases on board.

The boat will float easily but the top of the boat lifts off to become a scoop as well as a strainer. Kids delight in watching the water pour through the holes. When bath time is over, just stick all the pieces on the boat where they’ll empty and dry and be ready for the next bath time!

Fisher Price bath toy

#10 – Fisher-Price Little People Happy Sounds Home

This two level home comes with a family featuring mom, dad and a happy baby. Inside the house, the rooms are filled with fun activities. There’s a washer and dryer, a bathroom with cute printed bath toys on the wall, a living room and a bedroom. The house also comes with furniture.

Sound effects for the home really make it sound real. There’s a ringing doorbell, the sound of the washing machine running, the noise from the tub and the sound of the toilet flushing. The house spreads out for kids to be able to play with all the rooms and it closes for easy carrying. The people and furniture can be stored inside.

Um I LOVE that the company is promoting this with a little boy playing with it! Boys love playing with these sets – mine did! And they grew up to be wonderful adults and teens 🙂

Fisher Price Happy Sounds Home

Which one is your favorite Fisher Price toy? Mine is the Amusement Park. That’s original. Not many playsets are an amusement park.

Tiff 😉