It’s after Christmas, but there are some new movers and shakers climbing up the top toy list. Let me share them with you!

#1 – Monster High Dot Dead Gorgeous Lagoona Blue Doll

All the Monsters are getting ready for a party and Lagoona Blue looks fabulous in her patterned ice blue dress with the pink net skirt. The skirt also has a star decorated waistband.

She’s dressed to the teeth in all her bling and those to-die-for shoes. She’s wearing lovely necklaces, a bracelet and earrings. The doll comes with four accessories-a purse, a makeup compact, a mirror and the cute iCoffin phone.

Scarlett (my daughter) has another Lagoona Blue doll but this one is gorgeous! She’ll want it for sure.

top 10 toys

#2 – LED Finger Lights

LED Finger Lights are great to add to a party. Using these fun lights, kids can put on their own light display, use them while dancing or to show off as special effects in the dark. Not only are these fun when at a party, but they can also be used to rev up photos or to enhance videos with spectacular light.

These lights have a soft elastic band that easily slips on or off the finger. This big pack of 40 comes in colors green, and red, white and blue. The red, white and blue color make great July 4th party favors.

I bought these for my kids last year and they have fun with them. They’re really vibrant colors and strong light beams – lots of fun in the dark!

top 10 toys

#3 – Curious George Matching Game

This 72 tile game features the beloved monkey Curious George and the characters associated with him. It’s a game of match that has kids plotting their memory skills other players.

Take the most tiles and win the game! This educational toy can also be played with a single player to help kids hone their memory skills. For younger kids, you can start them out with less tiles and build them up to more. Kids love this fun game.

top 10 toys

#4 – LEGO DUPLO Bricks & More Deluxe Brick Box 5507

Get ready for some building fun! This 102 piece set has plenty of blocks and special pieces to let your child’s imagination fly. With this set, he can build an assortment of flowers to put around the house he can build. He can also make a brick tree to go beside the house and frame it all with the fences.

The box includes the base to build a vehicle and pieces to add windows to the house structure. You’ll get the base plate and 2 minifigures all in a sturdy storage box that’s large enough to house more blocks when you get more sets. My kids ALL love LEGOs and I always buy them the big boxes of Deluxe numbers. That way they can build to their heart’s content.

top 10 toys

#5 – Hasbro Furby

Furby is a cuddly toy that has a personality that can be molded by the child that owns one. If you treat the Furby with kindness and pet it, you’ll get a sweet reacting robotic pet. If you treat it roughly, out comes the tough guy. The toy can show emotions and reacts to speaking noises as well as dances to music.

He can speak his own language called Furbish but will learn to speak English phrases that come installed in the toy. You can feed the Furby with the iPhone application and watch him enjoy the food or throw it up and kids love this about Furby. The toy can also be used with iPad and iPod touch applications. Watch this video to see how Furby works:

#6 – Earlyears Baby Farm Friends Bowling

This is a great first bowling game for little ones. Baby can roll or toss the ball and knock over the cute animal pins. The animals are numbered to help baby learn about counting and each of the pins makes a rattling noise.

The ball is brightly colored and patterned and because it’s lightweight, it’s easy for baby to hold on to as well as throw. Babies love the chime sound that the ball makes when it’s moved. The pins each have flat bottoms so they stand upright.

top 10 toys

#7 – LEGO Captain Americas Avenging Cycle 6865

This 72 piece set has all the parts you need to fight the battle for good over evil. The general is up to his old tricks and it’s up to Captain America to stop him using his shield and cycle. But be careful!

The general’s craft has wings that fold back and flick missiles which can enable him to make a stand and then fly away from the reach of justice. The set comes with a foot soldier minifigure and his stand is also equipped with a missile. Captain America and the general are included.

top 10 toys

# 8- Lego Friends Heartlake Stables 3189

The popular Heartlake series is a kid favorite and the Lego Friends Heartlake Stables has so much to see and do. The barn has plenty of room for the horses and comes with a hand trolley so you can bring hay to the horses. Since all horses love a treat, the set also has carrots to feed the horses.

You can get the horses ready to take first place in the show or relax in the hayloft when all the work is done. The set has food, dishes, a pitchfork, a tool to separate the blocks and an accessory set for the animals. This 416 piece set is loaded with fun. I LOVE the Heartlake LEGO line. So perfect for girls who want to play LEGOs, too.

top 10 toys

#9 – Monster High Roller Maze Frankie Stein Doll

Let the ghoulish skating fun begin! The Monster High Roller Maze Frankie Stein Doll is one in the series that kids love and getting into the roller maze is the skultimate way to skate!

Frankie Stein is fully poseable and she comes with her lovely layered hair and bright green lips. Her dress design is a nod to her lineage as the daughter of Frankenstein. She comes with the accessories too. You get a helmet, knee pads and skates that really work! Be sure and collect her skating friends too! This is the most popular character in the Monster High line – Scarlett has a different one, but this newer one is on my to buy” list!

top 10 toys

#10 – LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 (8547)

This 619 piece set allows kids to use science and engineering to create and customize 4 different robots. Using the 32 bit processor, kids can create and program robots that have many human abilities. The robots can see to move around an object. They can grasp items, they can speak and do tasks.

They can follow commands, have touch sensors and can even tell distance! The USB cable lets you use your computer to program the robot and it can also be used with wireless technology. The robot can even tell colors and light! This amazing set is for beginning to expert builders and comes with an instruction guide.

top 10 toys

Which one of these is your favorite?

Tiff 😉