Hi everyone! Some moms and dads buy their kids Nerf guns. I buy my kids Nerf, airsoft, and more. I live in Texas, of course – the Wild West – where kids still play cops and robbers and cowboys and Indians. And before you going getting all PC on me, know that I have a heavy Indian heritage – and I’m not offended.

Today I wanted to go over all of the top 10 Nerf guns being sold online. There were a couple that I skipped because the customer ratings were SO low and complaints were flooding the feedback – proving to us that there’s obviously a defect. But all of these were great:

#1 – Hasbro Nerf N-Strike Jolt EX-1 Blaster

The Hasbro Nerf N-Strike Jolt EX-1 Blaster is perfect for engaging in a game of Nerf war or for use in defeating the zombies when playing the zombie games that are so popular today. The range on this gun is an amazing distance of over 40 feet! Plus, it’s pocket-sized and built to easily fit the hand of a child or an adult. The Nerf loads fast and easy into the barrel and the dart load limit is one at a time. Users love this blaster for the compact style and range. Costs under $10 too. Under $8 actually.

Nerf gun

#2 – Hasbro Nerf Stampede ECS-50 HSB94665

This Nerf gun comes with 100 darts included and has an extended clip. The extended clip is helpful because it allows kids to stay in the game without having to stop and reload often. The clip allows kids to concentrate on point and shoot so even younger kids find it easy to fire. When it’s time to reload, the Stampeded has quick reload ability.

It’s fully automatic and kids can add the bipod and scope that easily slide on. It has a blast shield for protection with a view window so that kids can see the darts from other players and use the shield to thwart their attempts! The Stampede is big and powerful and uses 6 D batteries for non-stop fun and action. I think my middle schooler owns this one if I’m not mistaken (all Nerf guns look alike to me LOL).

Nerf gun

#3 – Hasbro Nerf N-Strike Basic Blaster

This blaster is actually 3 blasters in one. Kids get the Scout for short distance accuracy, the Hornet for multiple dart, fast fire action and the Titan for long distance missile launches. The Titan can go the distance of 60 feet with the missile.

These three blasters pack an awesome combination of firing darts toward the target separately but they can also be combined into a unit for triple the power. Kids can also choose to use the blasters individually. The blaster set comes with 9 micro darts plus the long distance Mega Missile. This is a top of the line Nerf gun – pro level – and has perfect reviews.

Nerf gun

#4 – Hasbro Nerf N-Strike Nite Finder

For blasting fun in the dark, the Nerf-N-Strike is a great blaster. This small, but powerful blaster has a range up to 25 feet. The power to fire out the darts come from the pull back lever that kids use to shoot. It’s got fast reload so it’s perfect for little fingers.

This is a great blaster for kids to practice their firing skill indoor or outdoor. The red beam light gives kids laser precision to focus on their target with lights out. The blaster comes with 3 of the suction darts but don’t forget to stock up on extras so that the fun never has to end! My kids love toys that you can play in the dark so this would be great for them. Now if I can only get my dog to quit chewing their Nerf bullets.

Berf gun

#5 – Lazertag System 2PK

The two player Lazertag System is great fun for players. They’re a hit at reunions, office parties, birthday parties and organized Lazertag parties. This system comes with the rumble pack and shied. Players also get realistic action sounds, movement and lights. These let a player know when’s hit the target or become the target.

With the long range action, the set is fun for both kids and adults alike. The taggers have versatile settings that can be set for how many hits a player can take before he’s out. The taggers also have a mode that can be set for indoor or outdoor play. Real time feeling is what makes this toy so much fun to have.

Kids get real time feeling such as during reload, the gun will simulate a clip drop. While using and firing, the gun will give a recoil for shots fired and for vibrations for targeted hits. This brightly colored tagger has durable construction and the long battery life will give kids lots of fun play. I know this isn’t the normal Nerf gun, but it is a gun and made by Nerf, and it’s rated very high!

Nerf gun

#6 – Hasbro Nerf N-Strike Secret Strike

The Nerf-N-Strike Secret Strike is a stealthy blaster with great load and pump action. The air powered ability of this blaster can zero in on a target even up to 30 feet away! The blaster also comes with a clip that kids can attach to a belt so that they can get to their blaster super fast. The pump action of the gun makes it a great choice for younger kids too. This great Nerf toy comes with two of the soft foam darts.

Nerf gun

#7 – Nerf Reactor

The Nerf Reactor makes it easy to blast away at your target with a volley of foam balls. This blaster uses the force of a pump and then fire action so that it shoots the balls to a decent distance. The blaster has an easy load system. All kids have to do is push the balls into the translucent barrel. Once the balls are loaded, kids can just point and squeeze the trigger. The Reactor comes with four of the foam balls and all four of these can be loaded into the barrel at once for non-stop firing ability.

Oh my – I can just see Shawn bugging his little sister with this one. One hit after another. I’m going to have to find my referee outfit!

Nerf gun

#8 – Hasbro Nerf N-Strike Maverick

The Hasbro Nerf N-Strike Maverick is fast, accurate and lightweight. It has an easy to load barrel that gives kids the advantage of less loading time during battles. Once the darts are loaded into the rotating barrel, kids prime the blaster and then fire at their target. Because the Maverick has the barrel that flips out for easy loading, it’s one of the faster reload blasters. The barrel can hold six darts at once and comes with a set of six darts included. A huge plus with this blaster is that it’s part of the N-Strike line which means it can be used with one of the unity sets like a 3-in-1.

Nerf gun

#9 – Nerf N-Strike Firefly REV-8

Kids love the awesome glowing darts the Firefly has. When kids fire the blaster, these glowing darts (hence the name Firefly) come charging out toward the target. The clear rotating barrel can house multiple darts of eight at a time. When the blaster is in action, kids can see the barrel tip of the blaster light up. The blaster has a super handy storage space for the darts at the rear of the barrel. The blaster is lightweight and rapid fire. Since it’s easy to play with in the dark, it’s a kid favorite.

Nerf gun

#10 – Hasbro Nerf N-Strike Barricade Revolving Blaster

The semi-automatic Barricade has a rotating barrel that holds 10 of the Whistler darts for easy, rapid scoring. This motorized blaster can hit targets at long range and since you get a load of 10 darts, you’ll be able to send a rapid succession of darts. As you’re firing, the barrel operates with a fast spin and has an indicator light that lets users known when it’s prepared to fire.

This Nerf favorite also has an easy access opening in case of jams. It’s compact, easy to operate and has two great attachment features: the stock attachment and the rail. It operates using AA batteries. This is a great option for parents whose kids are begging for a paintball or airsoft gun and you’re not ready yet. Get them this!

Nerf gun

I love that the Nerf guns have come so far. I mean now they have glow in the dark options, lazers, and guns that let you keep popping out “bullet after bullet” in a semi automatic style. So much fun! One of my favorite aspects of the Nerf line itself is that my kids can play with them indoors OR outdoors – PLUS, it lasts them for years. From the time they’re little kids until they’re teens – they have fun Nerfing.

By the way, I’m a HUGE reading advocate, right? Well if you have boys (or girls even) who love Nerf, why not increase their love of sports AND give a dual perk of helping them become readers? I always like to keep my kids subscribed to at least one magazine. For Nerf fans, you could choose the Sports Illustrated for Kids subscription. Just look at the reviews. They’re awesome!

Tiff 😉