Hi everyone! It’s summertime – yea! Every year, we go swimming at my Mom’s house but I also like to get a kid pool for the backyard – something they can cool off in and splash around in on a whim.

So today I wanted to give you a heads up on what the top 10 kiddie pools are for backyard fun. These pools will fit a few different age groups, so just find what works for you. Oh and for extra fun, how about one morning you wake up before the kids and fill a bunch of water balloons and have them filling up a small kiddie pool? Mine LOVED it when I did this for them. It was ready to go – just go out and have fun!

Okay and confession time, here. When my first son was born, and he was walking and still in diapers, know what I did? I bought a large inflatable pool and put about 1-2 inches of water in it IN THE LIVING ROOM and he had SO much fun playing for hours in it. And I didn’t have to worry about him getting too much sun!

#1 – Intex Recreation Froggy Fun Baby Pool

Your baby or toddler will love spending time splashing in the water in this colorful 12 gallon capacity pool. In the shape of a frog, this baby pool is perfect for ages 1-3. The bottom has air cushions so your child won’t be sitting on a hard surface.

The pool also has an inflatable sunshade that offers shade and protection from the sun on a hot summer day! Please make sure you use this! As someone who has battled skin cancer, I can tell you that childhood protection is THE most important thing you can do for prevention.

kid pool

#2 – Intex Giraffe Spray Pool

This pool will let your little one have a great time in the water. The pool has a giraffe shape that inflates easily and kids love to hug the giraffe’s neck. What parents like about the pool is that it’s shallow enough for little ones to safely play in, but large enough to have plenty of space for your toddler and her friends.

It’s also roomy enough for an adult to get into the water with a toddler. Kids love playing in the water from the tail sprayer that’s on the giraffe’s tail. I think this one is really cute because it’s very original in its look.

kid pool

#3 – Intex Recreation Swim Center Paradise Lagoon Pool

This pool inflates quickly and has plenty of room for multiple kids. It’s durable enough to use a splash pool if you want to use it with a slide. The pool has a cute summer design all the way around it and is perfect for a summer of water fun.

The drain plug makes emptying the pool a breeze – and we always do that here because of the mosquitoes. The tough vinyl material makes this a pool you can use and store for future use once summer is over. Oh and be sure and check out the customer photos on the page – one clever family put it under the slide on their playset and it looks SO fun!

kid pool

#4 – Ocean Play Center

This adorable pool will delight the little ones in your family. It has colorful sea life as well as flower designs on the bottom. It’s a bargain because you get a pool within a pool with this design.

The little pool has a palm tree overlooking it that’s perfect for young kids and then it has a larger wading pool. But the little pool also has a water slide where kids can have hours of sliding fun right into the water.

The outside of the pool also has openings where you can use hose to create a sprinkler effect that kids love to play in. I like that it’s big enough for Mom to get in too – it gets hot out there!

kid pool

#5 – Mushroom Baby Pool

This soft floor pool will let baby enjoy fun in the sun. With the bright mushroom sunshade, your baby can enjoy being in the water but at the same time, he’s protected from the sun. This pool also comes with water floats that your baby will enjoy playing with.

It’s the right size pool for either infants or toddlers. I like that it doesn’t take up much room. Perfect for people living in an apartment maybe – for the patio.

baby pool

#6 – Inflatable Crystal Blue Swimming Pool

There’s nothing as sweet as the giggle of children at play. For kids 3 and up, this vinyl pool will let them have loads of fun in the sun. It holds 35 gallons of water for splashing around in and is large enough for a handful of kids.

The rings will inflate easily with a hand pump. Some parents also use the pool as a ball pit for their kids for double the fun! I like that idea – winterized usage 🙂

kiddie pool

#7 – Intex Beach Days Snapset Pool

Pools are cheap summer entertainment all season long. Parents like this pool because of how easy it is to set up as well as how easy it is to take down. They also like it because it’s not as slippery as other pools are.

Kids love the water fun as well as the beach designs on the outside ring of the pool. This pool is for kids who are 3 years old and older. The pool spreads out and can hold an adult and kids or multiple kids.

kid's pool

#8 – Intex Kiddie Pool – Kid’s Summer Sunset Glow Design

Bright colors are always a hit with kids and on a pool design, it’s an even bigger hit. What’s a hit with parents is that the pool has an inflatable bottom. The inflatable offers not only comfort for their children to sit or stand on, but safety as well.

When kids run and jump into the pool that cushioned bottom can take the force with ease. Letting the water out of the pool when the fun is over is easy. All you have to do is tip an end, or do like I do and smash a foot on it. Some parents also use the pool inside as a ball pit for their younger ones to play with so it’s like getting double the fun for the same price.

kid pool

#9 – Step2 Play and Shade Pool

This durable pool is great for parents who don’t want an inflatable one. This pool has an interior bottom design that helps to keep your toddler from slipping. The pool also has two sturdy seats for your little one that are made as part of the pool and it’s big enough for between 2 to 3 toddlers to easily fit into.

It comes with extras, too. You’ll get a wide, colorful umbrella for sunshade, a wheel that will spin when water is poured over and through it and cups to pour water from and into. Kids will enjoy the water as well as playing with the toys.

toddler pool

#10 – Blast Zone Tropical Splash

Water slides are great summer fun. So are pools. When you combine the 2 into 1 design, you have fun that never seems to end. This pool hooks up to a blower and kids can climb, slide and splash the heat away.

The set up is super easy and can be completed in just a few seconds. It’s designed for kids 75 pounds or less and is great for summer parties, birthday celebrations and more. It’s made to last with tough canvas and even comes with a carrying case so you can take it wherever you want to go. Look at how fun this looks:

I hope you found one you wanted! I like to choose based on a combination of comfort (soft bottoms), fun (like spraying things), and looks. I like fun looking kiddie pools.

Now – which one’s your favorite?

Tiff 😉