Hi everyone! Vtech is one of the top electronic and learning toy brand on the market. And they have a slew of toys for preschoolers. I made up the top 10 list of preschool Vtecj toys for you based on volume of sales and consumer reviews. Check them out below:

#1 – Vtech Kidizoom Camera

The perfect size for little ones, the Vtech Kidizoom Camera has easy grip rubber side handles and a double viewfinder. The camera has 1.3 mega pixel and digital zoom. What kids love about this camera is that they can use it to take photos or videos and can put them on the computer. The camera also has enhancements that can add borders or funny touches to the photos.

Games are included and a favorite one is the game that will break up a photo into puzzle pieces and let kids play the photo like a puzzle. The camera can hold up to 1,000 photos and it’s a great choice to get for a preschooler because of how durable the camera is.

Vtech Preschool Toys

#2 – VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

This super cute flashlight is fun as well as being an educational toy. On the outside of the handle, the bright ladybug will speak when pressed. The flashlight comes with a selection of animal sounds and has a 5 color changing light.

Your child can learn to count numbers and will have fun listening to the upbeat music and learning the songs. The handle is toddler sized and lightweight enough for a small child to carry with ease.

Vtech preschool toys

#3 – VTech – Slide And Talk Smart Phone

The VTech – Slide And Talk Smart Phone offers kids fun and learning with the texting and talking modes. The phone has great features including a slide-out keyboard just like the real Smart Phone. It comes with a clear LCD screen that can change depending on whether it’s being held horizontally or vertically.

The phone has a phone book feature that can hold up to 4 friends and it allows your child to reply to texts with a pre-set message. The phone uses fun phrases and other features like the dancing owl and calls from characters that will delight your child. This toy is perfect for teaching your child the alphabet for counting numbers.

Vtech preschool toys

#4 – VTech KidiBeats Drum Set

Featuring the music of dance, rock and pop, kids can have hours of fun play using any of the pre-set tunes! These electronic drums are both a way to play and a way to learn and will teach your child about the alphabet letters, about counting and about memory as they follow along.

Kids use the plastic drumsticks to hit the three different drum LED lit tops or the cymbal to create their own sound. But they can also play along with one of the 9 songs that the set has included. These drums are great for toddlers and older kids and will help to foster an interest in music and musical instruments.

Vtech preschool toys

#5 – VTech – Learning Tunes Karaoke

The Learning Tunes Karaoke is a music machine that has a fun and unique LCD screen that kids love and reacts to the different songs chosen. If a child chooses the Alphabet Song, the letters of the alphabet appear on the screen and then break up as the next letter replaces the one before it.

At the end of the song, the animated face will break out into laughter. The colorful buttons on the front of the machine make selection easy even for little fingers. Kids can use the machine with just their own voice or they can use the mode that will change how their voice sounds by using the voice changer. Lots of laughter ensues when kids hear themselves singing in the robot voice.

The robot voice is one of 5 voice effects they can pick. The machine holds 15 different songs for learning while playing. Kids get to choose from 3 different styles of songs-fun, letter and number. The microphone is held snuggly into the hand of the karaoke machine when not in use.

Vtech preschool toys

#6 – VTech Alphabet Activity Cube

Kids as young as 9 months can enjoy fun and learning with the interactive VTech Alphabet Activity Cube. This brightly colored toy will help kids learn how to count, learn the alphabet and learn how to recognize colors.

Each letter of the alphabet is represented on all sides of a letter block. Kids love stacking these blocks or pushing them through the face of the cube. Kids can also put the blocks in the square on one side of the cube and hear the letter sound. There’s also a maze that kids can drop the blocks down into.

The top of the cube has a bead bar that kids love zipping the beads back and forth on and there are large, colorful piano keys for a child to push to listen to musical notes. There’s a little window that will slide open and shut, gears that move and a little mirror where kids can see themselves. One side of the cube has cute buttons and a removable phone receiver so he can pretend to make or get a phone call. There are lots of fun activities with this cube!

Vtech preschool toys

#7 – Vtech Tote & Go Laptop

The Vtech Tote & Go Laptop is the perfect choice as a first laptop toy for kids. This laptop houses 20 different activities that will teach your child about music, logic, words, shapes, alphabet letters and counting numbers.

There are also games and even a social networking activity called Net Pals. This safe network lets your child engage with his animal pals and helps to teach social skills. The laptop has an easy to carry handle and for convenience, the mouse is tucked onto the top of the laptop lid when not in use.

The laptop can be hooked up with a computer so that you can download more activities from the Vtech site. The laptop also lets your child receive e-cards and hear stories you’ve downloaded. The laptop has 3 levels for the volume and uses 3 AA batteries.

Vtech preschool toys

#8 – VTech – 3-in-1 Musical Band

The VTech – 3-in-1 Musical Band can change from a keyboard to a guitar in one easy move and includes a guitar strap. This innovative 3-in-1 toy can play music as a piano, as a drum or as a guitar.

Kids can jam to the musical sounds of Rock-n-Roll, Hip-Hop or Jazz. One of the popular features with this toy is the mode that allows kids to make and then play their own recorded music.

Kids can choose between a jam session, concert or song and can engage the sensor to get the drum sound to kick in. Sound effects can be added by using the blue lever. The toy comes with a volume control.

Vtech preschool toys

#9 – VTech Cogsley Learning Robot

This interactive and educational toy has 6 different modes of play. Kids put a chip into the nose slot and Cogley will respond according to what’s on the chip and what mode the child has selected with the slide square on front of the robot.

He comes with 30 chips and 26 of those chips help to teach your child letters of the alphabet, words, spelling and engaging visuals that kids can watch on the LCD screen. The robot helps your child to learn memory skill, color skill and how to listen and pay attention in order to follow along. He comes with an LCD screen and will respond to clapping or movement by dancing.

His ears, eyebrows, nose and eyes are all moveable and Cogley has kids follow instructions by moving his various parts. The chips come in a handy storage bag that attaches to his back when you’re not playing with the robot. He has auto shut off when not in use.

Vtech preschool toys

#10 – VTech Sit-to-Race Smart Wheels Ride-On

This toy is a toy that’s suitable from the time your child is a baby until he’s about 3 years old. In the first phase of the toy, it can be used for babies as an activity dashboard. Babies can push the number buttons, turn the ignition, blow the horn and hear the music.

When your baby turns a year old, the toy has a base that turns the toy into a rocker. While sitting on the rocker, your toddler can switch between the learning or the discovery mode and play with the activity dashboard. When your child rocks, the movement activates the dashboard and he can hear the music play.

Once your child turns 2 years old, you can take off the rocker base and it attaches to the back of a toy as a handle for adults to use while your child rides on the toy. From baby to toddler, this toy helps teach motor skills. It uses batteries but has an automatic shut off to avoid battery drain.

Vtech preschool toys

If your child is a preschooler and educational toys are important to you, then you’ll be happy with the Vtech line. Of the above toys, my favorite one is the Activity Cube. There’s so much going on with it that I think it’ll keep kids engaged and provide lots of learning opportunities.

Which one is your favorite?

Tiff 😉