Kids love ride on toys – especially toddlers and young kids who are now mobile on foot and want to get around faster and faster!

But they’re not just for younger kids – older ones love ride on toys, too. Skateboards and scooters – they have a lot of toys to pick from as well.

You’ll find a wide range of ride on toys  – cars, scooters, tractors, and even animals. Some of them help the kid go from sitting to standing to riding – evolving with your child along the way.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 sellers:

#1 – Little Tikes Cozy Coupe 30th Anniversary Car

This little classic reminds me of Fred Flintstone – yabba dabbo doo! Your child sits in and rides by using his feet to navigate. Or, parents can push the child in it now. You can spin around 360 degrees, and there are neat car features like an ignition switch, and doors that open and close.

There’s even a storage area in the back – you know, for when your child goes to the store. LOL! They also have the Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe if you prefer the pink version.

ride on toy

#2 – Stereo Vinyl Cruiser Plastic Complete Skateboard

This is a really cool skateboard – and skateboards are so much fun! This design looks like a vinyl record. You can choose any color you want when you order. It comes with a sticker pack to decorate it with and Stereo sunglasses that match.

ride on toy

#3 – Razor A Kick Scooter

These scooters are hot! You pick which color you want it in and it’s shipped to you. They’re made of sturdy aluminum and it folds up easily if you want to let your child take it to the park. Comes with a brake for stopping fast. Good for ages 5 and up.

ride on toy

#4 – STRIDER ST-3 No-Pedal Balance Bike

This bike is unique. Notice anything in the picture? There are no pedals! It’s a very lightweight bike that teaches balance and coordination for younger kids so they can get used to the real deal. They learn to glide on this one and as they get older, you can adjust the handlebars. Good for ages 1-5.

ride on toy

#5 – Schwinn Easy Steer Tricycle

This is one mean tricycle! Adults can start out steering it with a push handle – and then as your child learns, they can handle the tricycle on their own. Has a bin to bring along toys and snacks in if you want to!

ride on toy

#6 – VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train

This is a great toddler toy that grows with your baby and isn’t just fun to ride on – it’s fun to play with, too. Has three modes – floor play, walker and ride. This is a ride on toy that teaches letters and numbers and colors.

ride on toy

#7 – Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Stride-to-Ride Puppy

Cuteness! A ride on puppy! And it comes with toys – this is a shape sorting toy for toddlers. They dog teaches their ABCs, colors and first social greetings. The head moves and flaps its ears (the jaw moves too) and there are songs and sounds to encourage your baby to keep moving)

ride on toy

#8 – Step2 Push Around Buggy (Red)

This is a good “parent push” toy for the kids. The front has a storage area, and the child can ride inside the buggy. The horn honks when you push it. There’s a seat belt built in so the baby can’t take off in a flash.

ride on toy

#9 – PlasmaCar Blue

These plasma cars are a hot new trend among kids. There are no pedals or gears – you just steer and it moves! This is a ride on toy that actually contributes to helping your child get exercise. Need to have a smooth, flat area to ride it on or it’ll be hard to make work.

ride on toy

#10 – Little Tikes Cozy Truck

Some kids don’t want cars – they want TRUCKS! This is perfect for those kids. This is awesome – has a tailgate that lowers, a gas area, a working horn, and a neat set of rugged wheels (for going mudding probably).

ride on toy

I remember my first REALLY awesome ride on toy – not counting bikes. I was 8 years old. It was my birthday and my dad pretended like he felt he’d forgotten a present for me. He told me to check the garage.

I did. “Nope!” I said, walking back in. Then I stopped dead in my tracks, my eyes grew as big as saucers, and I ran back out to the garage. There was a yellow convertible Corvette minicar waiting just for me. It had some lawnmower engine in it and I was THE coolest kid – EVER.

What was really funny was years later seeing the grownups ride it in home movies. We’d take it out to my family’s farm and everyone would squash in there and ride it around the property. Ah good times!

Tiff 😉