The age of seven for boys means a slight shift in the types of toys that they enjoy. I’ve raised two boys and at this age, they’re at a unique stage where they want to have fun, but their minds are feeling empowered and they’re curious and inventive.

Science toys for boys are a PERFECT way to meet both the fun factor and the educational or creative needs. I’ve compiled a top 10 list of toys that are great for 7 year old boys. See what you think of them here:

#1 – Snap Circuits Jr.

A Snap Circuits Jr. set can teach your child about electrical circuits. It’s great for a science project, for experimenting or for plain fun. Kids can follow the directions to create any of the 101 projects.

They can even create a cool flying saucer! The projects are designed in a way to start at a beginner level and then advance as your child learns more about electricity. The set is kid friendly and the pieces easily fit onto the block and snap down. The kit has over 30 pieces and comes with an illustrated manual to help guide your child.

Snap Circuits Jr

#2 – Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden

We’ve bought this one and LOVED it. No, it’s not circuits or anything, but it teaches your seven year old boy science through life cycles. My kids (okay and me and my husband) enjoyed it immensely. We hung it in our kitchen nook area from the hanging light fixture – to keep it away from our cats.

One tip: buy store flowers and pour the nectar on the blooms that you snap off in there. The butterflies LOVE it. We ordered an extra set of the worms so we had double the fun.

This butterfly pop-up habitat is 12’ in height and will let your child experience the thrill of butterflies as they change from caterpillars to butterflies. The metamorphosis stage is thrilling for them to see and is great for science projects, for learning at home and for fun.

Kids get to fee the butterflies with the special dropper. Once the butterflies have completed the metamorphosis and are flying around in the habitat, kids can free them. The kit comes with a voucher to receive 5 caterpillars and food.

This way, you ensure that you get healthy, live caterpillars. The habitat can be reused as often as you like. We set our butterflies free and enjoyed watching them flutter around the yard! Watch the video about it:

#3 – Uncle Milton Moon In My Room

I see the moon and the moon sees me. God bless the moon and God bless me. Who doesn’t love the moon? The Moon in My Room is a super cool model of the moon that kids can hang up. Just like the real thing, the model lights up and the lights are designed so that your child can experience the moon’s 12 phases.

The moon has auto shut off and there’s a code so that you can get an MP3 tour that explains the moon and the phases. This is both beautiful and educational. The moon comes with a remote control so that kids can change the phases or turn it off.

Moon in my room

#4 –Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

Introduce your child to the wonderful world of science. This kit will let your child create amazing experiments that will thrill him. He’ll learn how to use test tubes, how to mix ingredients to create results and he can even make a sunset!

Kids love creating the volcano project. This is a hands on kit that will really pique your child’s interest while they learn. The kit contains color tablets, cotton swabs, the test tubes, cups, mixing sticks and scoops.

It also has baking soda, cabbage juice powder (yeah I didn’t know they had such a thing, either) and more. Kids can follow the activity guide to create several different experiments.

science toys for 7 year old boys

#5 – Smart Lab Squishy You Explore It Human Body

Learning anatomy is important to science but kids fare better when they engage in visual learning. This kit helps kids to see what goes on in the body. They can discover the placement of organs and how they work – such as understanding how the lungs work or what happens inside the body when someone eats.

The kit features a see through body and instructions that will help them name each part of the body. The kit includes 9 organs and 3 body systems – the muscular, skeletal and vascular. Tools for removing and replacing the organs are also included along with the illustrated book teaching body systems. Watch the video to see what it’s like:

#6 –Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards Only Kit

Perfect for wizards 6 years old and up, the Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards Only Kit has plenty of projects to complete. Now your child can go to wizard school and learn about spells! He’ll thrill as he creates potions or makes colors change.

The kit has a wizard hat, magic wand, magic ingredients, color tablets, test tubes, scoops, magic cards, a project guide and much more! The kit is a great way to make science fun for seven year old boys.

Wizard science kit

#7 – 4M Tin Can Robot

Kids can create their own working robot using an empty soda can and the 4M Tin Can Robot kit. It’s easy to put together and provides hours of fun. Before you put the robot together, make sure you got all the drops of liquid out of the can.

The materials in the kit include the bug eyes, the arms, the mechanism that helps it walk with the plastic wheels, and a see-through engine that attaches to the back of the can. As the robot walks, it emits a buzzing noise. This is great as a science project and as a gift for 7-year-old boys. You’ll need two AAA batteries to operate the robot. Watch the cute video here:

#8 – Elenco Snap Circuits Lights

The Elenco Snap Circuits Lights is a light show in a box. The kid safe pieces fit onto the base and the instructions are easy to follow. The kit combines technology with lights and music.

To operate the light show, all kids have to do is hook their music device up and the lights will change color according to the music. The lights are also triggered by voice or finger snaps too. The kit has strobe lights, LED lights, infrared detector, glow-in-the-dark pieces and more. I love science kits that light up!

Elenco Snap Circuit Lights

#9 – 4M Crystal Mining Kit

As a child, one of my favorite things to do was collect rocks. My dad took me to Montana once in his 1956 pink Cadillac (the one like Elvis had) and I put so many rocks in the trunk that when we drove off, the back bumper dragged the ground and we had to dump some! LOL

The 4M Crystal Mining Kit offers kids fun exploring. They get to chisel the plaster rock in order to get crystals from it. The rock houses 8 of the colorful crystals that kids love to discover.

The kit comes with a magnifier, a tool to excavate the gems, and a brush for cleaning away the debris. The kit also has a pouch for the gems once they’re found. The suggested age for using the kit is 8 and older (but I routinely get my kids toys that are barely labeled slightly older – you have to know the maturity level of your own child) and safety glasses are recommended.

4 m crystal mining kit

#10 – Fascinations AntWorks

We’ve owned ant farms – they’re so much fun to watch. But this is a futuristic ant farm. The space-age gel habitat is completely self containing. Kids won’t have to worry about feeding the ants or adding any other materials because the ants will eat the gel to get the nutrients they need.

The kit was created after a NASA study on ants and microgravity. The see through container lets kids watch as the ants build tunnels and it helps them understand the work and the life cycle of the ants. The kit comes with the habitat, instructions, the LED base and an ant coupon.

Fascination Antworks

So which one of these science toys for 7-year-old boys is your favorite? It is SO hard for me to choose between the butterfly one, the ant farm, and the rock mining toy. So it’s a triple tie for me!

Tiff 😉