Hi everyone! Is your family a group of game playing fanatics? We are! I’m always on the lookout for good games my kids and I can play together – or by themselves – and a company called ThinkFun is one that encourages brain activity in addition to good, clean fun.  They’re a company highly rated for their educational games for kids – and adults.

I decided to put together a list of the top 10 ThinkFun games on the market today, and at the bottom of this post, you can follow a link to go see their entire line of games – ranked in order of what consumers think of them. So let’s get started!

#1 – ThinkFun Rush Hour Jr.

ThinkFun Rush Hour JrThinkFun Rush Hour Jr. is for kids ages 6-8 years old. There’s an older version that I’ve listed next, since it’s the second bestseller in the brand. With the junior version, the kids can enjoy 4 different levels of activities. There are 40 cards that have mind challenges – and solutions to go with them.

There are vehicle pieces – 16 cars and trucks, including an ice cream truck! This is all about rush hour traffic – and your kids steer their  truck through the traffic blockage to get to the end.

The key is in solving the puzzle and maze of how you’ll get through it. Kids aren’t penalized – they just have to increase their brain power, so there’s less frustration. This is a single player game. You pick a card and set up the traffic grid to look like the card.

Your kid has to slide the cars and trucks back and forth to try to get their ice cream truck to the exit. This reminds me of those little hand held puzzles I use to get at Stucky’s when traveling with my dad. Only this looks like more fun! It’s under $15 and has a 4.8 star rating.

#2 – ThinkFun Rush Hour

ThinkFun Rush HourThis isn’t the kiddie version. This version is a single player game for kids ages 8 and up (including adults). You have 4 levels of play again, and 40 cards like the Jr version. But there are 16 cars and trucks and instead of an ice cream truck to help escape gridlock, you’re in a red car in the ThinkFun Rush Hour grown up version.

This game as a 4.9 star rating with consumers and costs just a couple of dollars more than the junior version. In fact, many consumers said that their kids liked playing the adult version – and vice versa – older kids and adults liked the junior game. So you might only need to buy one or the other! It’s won many awards for its brainiac efforts.

#3 – ThinkFun Zingo

ThinkFun ZingoThe ThinkFun Zingo game is kind of like Bingo. It’s perfect for kids ages 4 years old and up. There are two play levels to choose from. The game is helpful for kids learning to recognize vocabulary works and images. They match and memorize and have to concentrate. It also encourages some social skills when they have to interact with one another.

There are 72 tiles and 8 Zingo cards with something on both sides. The Zinger is a little machine where they pull it and 2 tiles appear., Then the players try to be the first ones to yell out which tiles match the ones on their Zingo card. Whoever fills up their card first wins! You can play with up to 8 players. The game costs just under $17 and has a solid 4.8 star rating.

#4 – ThinkFun Roll and Play Board Game

ThinkFun Roll and Play Board GameThe ThinkFun Roll and Play Board Game is for toddlers. I love games for kids this young – especially if they encourage educational fun and keep kids interested and entertained for more than 5 seconds.  I’m not sure why they call it a board game – because it’s not a board game, but it’s still fun!

This is a game that the parents will play with their kids. It’s perfect for kids ages 18 months and older. It comes with a plush large cube that you roll. Each side of the cube has a color and you’ll choose a matching card color to go with it. Read the card to your child and act out the activity.

So for instance, the card might say, “Sing a song.” Then you and your child will sing a sing together – or one of you will do the activity. There are 48 cards and 6 categories, including actions (like do a silly dance), colors (like find something red), animal sounds (like bark like a dog), counting (like give 1 hug), body parts (like wave your arms), and emotions (like make a happy face).

#5 – ThinkFun Mini Mouth Word Game

ThinkFun Mini Mouth Word GameThe ThinkFun Mini Mouth Word Game is a good buy for under $10. It’s perfect for kids ages 8 and up and you need 2 or more players to make a game. In the educational realm, this is a great game for building vocabulary and enhancing spelling abilities, too.

The game is a portable game – the 26 tile letters of the alphabet come in a game bag. The players each draw anywhere from 2-5 tiles at a time and the first person to call out a word wins the tiles. When you tally up the number of tiles people have at the end, the one with the most is the game winner.

This game has a nice 4.9 out of 5 stars rating. Those who own it say it’s not just a kids’ game – you could whip this out at an all adult party and they’d have fun with it.

#6 – ThinkFun Pathwords Junior Puzzle

ThinkFun Pathwords Junior PuzzleThe  ThinkFun Pathwords Junior Puzzle is like a word search game. Only more fun! So the game can be played by one person aged 6 and up. You get a game grid and a spiral notebook that has 40 challenges. They start at beginner and go up to expert level.

The game helps you build up your vocabulary and spelling, but it also helps with spatial reasoning. There are themes and word play elements to keep it interesting. If you like Tetris and crossword puzzles, then you’ll love this game.

You use colorful Tetris like tiles to cover up the words when they’re found. As the game gets harder, you don’t even get the actual words – you get clues to the words. That makes it more challenging!

#7 – ThinkFun Swish

ThinkFun SwishThe ThinkFun Swish game is billed as a high speed, matching, stacking card game. It’s a game you can play solo – or with more players. Anyone ages 8 and up will enjoy it. There are 60 cards and instructions that teach you how to adapt the game from a beginner level to an advanced one. It has a 4.8 star rating and costs just over $10.
The card game is really neat looking because the cards are transparent. They have hoops (like donuts) and balls (like donut holes) on them. You try lining up cards where a hoop is over a ball. You rotate and flip cards to make a match but they have to be lined up exactly right.
You lay 16 cards out and dealer says Go. You don’t touch the cards – you have to turn and rotate and flip them in your mind and call them out. When you think you have a match and call it out, you can pick it up and verify it. Then if it matches and you take the set, the dealer plugs in those 2 holes with new cards. At the end of the game, whoever has the most sets wins. You can also do more than 2 cards – you can stack 3 cards for example, as long as it all adds up and matches.

#8 – Zingo Sight Words (by ThinkFun)

Zingo Sight WordsThe Zingo Sight Words game is kind of like ThinkFun Zingo, only that one had images and this one has sight words. It’s great for Pre-K through 2 years of age. It looks the same – a Zinger machine doles out the tiles.
There are 72 sight word tiles and 6 double-sided Zingo cards. This game is rated a nice 4.9 stars. If you have little ones, start with the original image Zingo and then upgrade them to this sight words game.
One thing consumers appreciated was how easy it was for the little ones to control the game pieces. They’re bulky – which is perfect for little hands that are trying to improve their motor skills.

#9 – ThinkFun Turnstile Puzzle

ThinkFun Turnstile PuzzleThe ThinkFun Turnstile Puzzle game comes with a game grid, 10 turnstiles and 8 tokens. The turnstile moves, which makes the maze continually change – keeps you on your toes!
There are 40 different challenges and they start at a beginner level and then raise up to expert status. It’s great for ages 8 and up and it’s a single player game.
As the maze revolves, you move your colorful tokens through it until you get them in the right corner. The game costs just over $15 and as earned a 4.9 star rating.

#10 – ThinkFun Block By Block

ThinkFun Block By BlockThe ThinkFun Block By Block game is a single player game for kids and adults ages 8 and up. There are 60 3D challenges you can create.
You use the brick pieces to build the creations and use the mind challenge cards to make them. (It comes with solutions, too – in case you get stuck).  So what you do is pick up a card and try using the brick pieces to recreate the structure you see.
Consumers basically say that they needed to use the hints at first, but then quickly got the hang of it and started playing without needing the solutions. Younger kids might need help from a parent at first.
You can check out the entire line of ThinkFun games – which I’ve ranked in order of customer reviews so you can see which ones are most popular and have a solid feedback rating here: ThinkFun Top Rated.

Tiff 😉