Hi everyone! When I was a little girl, living in the same house I now raise my kids in (I’m sentimental that way), I remember my Mom telling me to clean my room.

I had a little round table shaped and painted like an apple. In the middle, there was a “stem” that you could lift and under the stem, there was a pouch to store things in. With no toybox, I used to stuff an incredible amount of toys in this poor little pouch and top it off with the stem, hoping my Mom didn’t see it all bulging out.

She always did. 

Don’t make your child look for suitable stuffing area! Give your little girl a toy box so she can neatly toss her toys into the box and help you stay sane with a cleaner room for her!

Here are the top 10 toy boxes for girls that can be delivered right to your front door:

#1 – Levels of Discovery Princess Toy Box Bench

The Levels of Discovery Royal Princess Toy Box Bench is made of top quality wood that will last for generations. It has a padded cushion so kids can use it as a seat and it can hold up to 100 pounds. The hinged lid is a nice safety feature so it won’t suddenly snap shut. That feature keeps little fingers from getting mashed.

I remember all too well how I got my fingers shut in things. As kids, we just don’t think about that sort of thing – we’re too busy playing and having fun! My daughter does the same thing. This is an important toybox feature!

#2 – Step2 Lift and Hide Bookcase Storage Chest

When you have kids, you can expect messes. The Step 2 Lift & Hide Bookcase Storage Chest makes it easy for little ones to pick up their stuff. There’s room for books and toys on the top and shelf of the chest. The back of the bookshelf has a piece that doesn’t allow things to fall behind the chest.

The lid slides out of the way so it won’t fall when your child lifts it. It’s an easy assembly chest and easy to wipe clean (especially important if your little one eats around it or uses crayons around it).  The chest is constructed without any share edges – perfect for if there’s a brother lurking nearby who likes to tackle unexpectedly.

#3 – Levels Of Discovery Fairy Wishes Bench Seat with Storage Pink/White

The Levels Of Discovery Fairy Wishes Bench Seat with Storage is a beautiful fairy seat made to captivate imaginations. It’s just over 26 inches in height so there’s plenty of room to store the toys. The seat is wide and comfortable for sitting while giggling and whispering to friends. The lid has a safety hinge to prevent sudden snap closings.

#4 – Levels of Discovery Sugar Plum Toy Box Bench

Storage can be beautiful. The Levels of Discovery Sugar Plum Toy Box Bench is a beautiful bench in pastel colors. The back features a butterfly cutout. Parents love the quality of this bench because it’s real wood and they love the safety feature on the lid. The bench has decorative balls on the back and on the arms. It’s a lovely addition to any child’s room.

#5 – Guidecraft Princess Toybox

The Guidecraft Princess Toybox is a lovely hand painted toybox in pink trimmed with gold. It has a castle motif on the back with a Cinderella style carriage and horse on the front of the bench. The front of the bench is also lower than the raised sides that hold the lid. This way, if another child is pushing down on the lid when your child’s fingers are reaching in, she won’t get her fingers squished.

#6 – Kids Storage Bench in Fuzzy Pink Fabric

This is a kid’s storage bench that comes in fuzzy fabric in a soft pink color that delights children. It’s easy to assemble and can fit neatly at the end of a child’s bed. This is a sturdy, heavier bench storage box so young kids can’t shove it around the room. Like most kids’ toy storage benches, this one also has a nice safety feature that allows the lid to close at a slow pace.

#7 – Levels Of Discovery Wild Side Bench Seat with Storage Black/Ivory

The Levels of Discovery Wild Side Bench Seat with Storage is beautiful as well as unique. It’s done in an animal print and designed to look like an upscale couch. For easy moving and cleaning of the seat, the sofa comes apart at the back and arms. The cushions are also removable. This one is a kids’ favorite bench and little ones love to climb up onto their ‘own’ sofa.

#8 – KidKraft Austin Toy Box Cherry

The KidKraft The Austin Toy Box is a handy storage box and seat that comes in several color choices to complement any child’s room. The unpainted selections of this toy box look like real wood. It has cut out side handles for an adult to be able to easily lift and move the box. The seat is roomy enough for a child to sit comfortably while reading. The lid has a safety hinge for your child’s protection.


#9 – Teamson Kids Girls Storage Toy Chest – Crackled Rose Room Collection

The Teamson Kids Girls Storage Toy Chest – Crackled Rose Room Collection is a beautifully designed chest that has the look of an antique piece of furniture. It’s hand carved as well as hand painted. The paint doesn’t contain any dangerous lead. The lid has double safety features. There’s a slow closing hinge and on the front of the storage box, there’s a finger space.

#10 – Harmony Kids Deluxe Toy Box, Pink Dot

The Harmony Kids Deluxe Toy Box is a fabric box that can easily be wiped clean. It’s made of sturdy wood and overlaid with padding for safety against sharp edges. This box has a lot of safety features. The lid comes with double hinges so that when your child raises the lid, it will remain the same spot where your child puts it. There are also vents for air in case your child climbs into the box and closes the lid.

Okay, Moms and Dads – which one if your favorite? You know, I’m partial to the Zebra look (and this, by the way, is the one Scarlett picked out as her favorite, in case you wanted a fellow kid opinion). It’s SO dainty looking. I also like the fuzzy bench toybox.

If I were going to buy a more traditional “box” type toybox, then I would go with the first one on the list – it’s got a good combination of durability and aesthetic design.

Tiff 😉