Hi everyone! With two sons (okay and a daughter who also had to have girlie cars), I know how much kids love getting vehicles as toys. There are so many neat ones too.

Some of the decision you make will be on the age appropriateness of the toy car. For example, older kids can handle RC toy cars, while toddlers like big bulky plastic cars. When you go looking for toy cars, you’ll find a wide variety of options, too. For instance, look here at the bestsellers list for toy cars and you’ll see trucks, construction vehicles, racecars, trash trucks, emergency vehicles and more.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 toy cars for kids:

#1 – 2012 Hess Truck Helicopter and Rescue Vehicles

You’re probably looking at this picture and saying, “Um, Tiff – that’s a helicopter, not a car.” But there is a car there, too! And this rescue due is going to be one of your kids’ favorite toy cars, I almost promise it. (Hey every kid is different). My kids LOVED stuff like this – emergency vehicles – and this set has working lights and realistic sounds.

Hess Helicopter and Rescue Vehicles

#2 – Melissa & Doug Car Carrier

I don’t know about you, but as a child, I was always fascinated (still am) by these massive trucks that carry tons of cars at once. I mean, the weight load alone is mind-boggling! I love Melissa and Doug products – they are amazing (we own tons) and so this car carrier is perfect – you get a big truck AND four cars – and they fit wooden train tracks too. Look at the picture below and it shows you the two ways it evolves – double decker or long line.

Melissa and Doug Car Carrier

#3 – Toystate Caterpillar Construction Mini Machine 5-Pack

Oh boy this one looks like a little boy’s dream come true! They describe it as a construction site in a box. You get theĀ Dump Truck, Bulldozer,Wheel Loader, Backhoe andRoad Compactor. I love the age listing, too. It says 36 months to 15 YEARS. How true is that? Our kids don’t really outgrow this kind of stuff.

Toystate Caterpillar Construction Mini Machines

#4 – Fisher-Price Little People Lil’ Movers School Bus

All three of my kids loved Fisher Price cars. They’re fun and cute and come with little people! This toy car comes alive when you push down on the driver when he’s seated šŸ˜‰

Fisher Price Little People Lil Movers School Bus

#5 – Kid Galaxy Morphibians Shark

RC cars are so fun and most of them aren’t suitable for little kids. But this one is! I love this because it can go from land to water in an instant. Not many toy cars can brag about those rights! They have a variety of these cars – the shark is just one of them. Love it.

Kid Galaxy Morphibian Shark

#6 – Hot Wheels 20 Car Gift Pack

When you get these little cars, you don’t want just one – you want a dozen, or two. This 20-pack of Hot Wheels is amazing because it has so much variety. My kids always beg me for a new little car at the grocery store – but I’d much rather buy a whole set and save money!

Hot Wheels 20 Car Gift Pack

#7 – Green Toys Fire Truck

This emergency vehicle is one of a kind. Green Toys makes their toy cars from recycled milk containers! There is no metal in them. And it’s made in the USA – love that! Ā Even the materials it’s packed in are earth friendly. And of course, it’s all BPA-free!

Green Toys Fire Truck

#8 – Thomas And Friends Wooden Railway – Sir Topham Hatt’s Car

If your child is into Thomas the Train (personally, I think it’s a boring show, but my kids liked it sort of), then this is a cute toy car to get. It’s made of wood and Sir Topham Hatt bounces up and down while the car is moving – really cute, whether or not you’re a Thomas fan. Sir Topham Hatt always reminds me of the Monopoly man. LOL!

Sir Topham Hatt's Car

#9 – Green Toys Recycling Truck

Another Green Toys product is on the top 10 toy car list. This one is really cute because it’s a recycling truck made of…recycled materials! The truck has some side chutes and the back opens up. The packing materials are green, too. Really cute!

Green Toys Recycling Truck

#10 – Matchbox Big Boots Dino Adventure Squad Vehicle

Now THIS is an awesome toy car! I don’t really get the whole “big boots” theme – except the characters literally have really big boots, but the truck itself is a transport for a dangerousĀ JurassicĀ animal – a dinosaur named T-Rex! He’s caged up but still dangerous. This is a mean machine that any kid would be happy to own.

Matchbox Big Boots Dino Adventure Squad Vehicle

My boys were always thrilled with matchbox cars, but they loves emergency vehicles more than anything – the lights, the sound, the imagination it sparked in them! All three kids have always loved RC cars, too. But that’s a post for a different day šŸ™‚