Hi everyone! I LOVE, love, love the Toy Story movies, toys and everything else. It’s one of those movies (all of them)  that we grown-ups can watch and actually enjoy – right along with our kids. And yes, I cried at the end of the last one. Couldn’t help it.

I was the little girl who, when my dad would randomly stop at a garage sale, force him to buy ALL of the stuffed animals because I felt sorry for them that their owner didn’t love them anymore. So I get it. I really do.

All three of my kids have been into Toy Story and had tons of the toys. We still have some. So let’s take a look at the top 10 Toy Story toys you can buy with some commentary (as always) by your host – moi – and what I’ll do is showcase my absolute favorite based on what my kids loved – and what’s rated well – and you can click on the main category link to see the entire line of items, so for instance the first link takes you to a page of all the dress up toys for Toy Story – with Woody, Jessie, Buzz and more.  Each image is also hyperlinked to that exact item for your convenience:

#1 – Toy Story Dress Up Toys

I put this one first specifically because my sons practically LIVED in their Buzz Lightyear wings – officially known as the Buzz Lightyear Jetpack. I thought they’d take off to fight Zurg any second. You can see from the reviews that this thing is POPULAR.  I paid much more than this and even at the price I paid, I would have paid double.

Buzz Lightyear Jet Pack

#2 – Toy Story Video Games

They have Toy Story video games for Wii, Xbox 360, Playstation, Kinect, PC, Leapfrog and a ton more! We have a Kinect, and all the other consoles – but we don’t own the Toy Story video game. Looks cute though. When I went researching I discovered that the Kinect game is mostly for toddlers – but one everyone seems to enjoy is the Toy Story 3 video game version on either Xbox 360 or Playstation as shown here:

Toy Story Video Game

#3 – Toy Story Action Figures

Okay this IS another one we owned. My kids love action figures. I don’t know why the first one showing on the results page is a plush – I hate it when people label things wrong – but all the rest on that page show you the best Toy Story action figures being sold. You can buy them individually if you want – or like we liked to buy them – as a big pack! This one is the one we owned: 9 Toy Story Collectible Figures – and it includes Zurg, Buzz, Woody, Rex, Bullseye, Jessie – and three aliens.

Toy Story Action Figures

#4 – Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Dolls

There are all sorts of Toy Story Buzz Lightyear dolls. We have our favorite – all three of my kids had one (yes, we bought it THREE times because no one wanted someone else’s). The doll is really cool, sounds just like him, and really makes you keep a close eye on it to see if he might come alive during the night when you’re sleeping. LOL! We also owned the plush, the spacerockets one – and the plush is really good for tiny tots. But so is this one – the Talking Buzz Lightyear doll:

Buzz Lightyear Doll

#5 – Toy Story Woody Dolls

Okay personally, I just have to say – if you don’t buy your kid a Toy Story Woody doll that has a pull string where he talks, ten it’ll be a real shame. I mean, that’s what they’re seeing in the movies! We had three of these, too – two pull strings and one plush (that’s what she wanted – the talking freaked her out). LOL

Toy Story Woody

#6 – Toy Story Jessie Dolls

I have to admit, Jessie was never my favorite character. I missed Bo Peep. But okay, she’s there – she’s a rootin’ tootin’ cowgirl. My daughter had the plush version, the boys didn’t want her – but I really think there’s a better version – the Toy Story Jessie and Bullseye partner pack.

Toy Story Jessie


#7 – Toy Story Characters

There are so many Toy Story characters aside from the main ones, so I’m going to link to them individually for you below, and then let you see my absolute favorite – and it is HARD to pick just one!

  • Green Aliens – we owned some of these – really cute and fun to play with!
  • Slinky – this was a close one – I want to choose him for second! We owned him twice.
  • Mr. Potato Head – owned the realistic one, not plush – was fun to make him lose stuff.
  • Mrs. Potato Head – my daughter owned this one and loved it.
  • Ham – We never owned Ham! How could we have missed him? Except for as a mini action figure.
  • Bullseye – We owned him as a plush that came with Woody.
  • Barbie and Ken – My daughter owned these. We put them in her big Barbie townhouse. It was the “Made for Each Other” set.
  • Toy Story Monkey – our whole family thinks this one’s creepy, but you might like it.
  • Bo Peep – Sure miss Bo Peep! She’s sometimes more expensive because she’s more rare.
  • Lotso Bear – Mean old Lotso! But I did feel sorry for him in the movie.
  • Big Baby – creepy in a sweet way.
  • Little Green Soldiers – with two boys, we owned these anyway! LOL
  • Zurg – cool to own Zurg and do the whole “I am your father” spiel.
  • Mr. Pricklepants – never owned him but he was such a small character my kids probably wouldn’t have cared much.
  • Stinky Pete – we never owned him either.
  • …and our family’s favorite: Rex

We LOVE Rex! Now you can get talking ones, plush, etc. We got the one below – it was perfect, just like in the movie. The kids could also play with him other than in a Toy Story theme. Excellent:

Toy Story Rex

#8 – Toy Story Movies

We of course bought them all separately – but you should buy the Toy Story movies as a box set DVD for Blu Ray. Technically not “toys” I guess, but really? They provide hours of fun and family entertainment, so I’m sticking by that.

Toy Story Movies

#9 – Toy Story Games

Wow they have everything now. Toy Story Memory, Toy Story Operation – classic games with the Toy Story theme. I love it! They also have some unique Toy Story games – like The Claw – and Buckaroo! Here’s my favorite: Toy Story Yahtzee

Toy Story Yahtzee

#10 – Toy Story Legos

They have some AWESOME Toy Story Lego sets – which of course double as toys after they’re put together. You can get the Pizza Planet truck, Zurg, Jessie’s Roundup – just a TON of options. Here’s my favorite: Toy Story Legos – the Great Train Chase. I like this one because who doesn’t love toy trains? It’s a cute set.

Toy Story Legos

So that’s my top 10 list of toys. You have links to each category for specifics, plus I’ve shown you our family’s favorites – which also correspond to what most consumers also feel. I would never tell you about anything shoddy.

Which one is YOUR favorite? Share it with me in the comments!

Tiff 😉