Hi everyone! Three year old boys are at that age where they’re starting to identify with “boy stuff,” and some are not as happy playing with just anything – including dolls and kitchens, although some are! The 3-year old toys for boys get a little more into their specific interests – like cars, action figures and building stuff.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 toys for 3 year old boys and see what’s in the list that you might like to buy for a little one you know!

#1 – Melissa & Doug Car Carrier

Boys and their cars and trucks – it’s a staple in any house with little boys. I like this set because it comes with the 18 wheeler and 4 colorful cars. Our family LOVES Melissa and Doug – it’s a wonderful brand. The toys are durable for boys who love to make their cars crash, too!

Tosy for 3 year old boys

#2 – Take-A-Part Vehicle Building Toy Set

Okay this is AWESOME. When you land on the page, you get to choose between this truck and an airplane. The toy comes with the truck or plane plus a tool that lets you take it apart and rebuild it. It’s simple toddler stuff, nothing complex. I know my nephew Brian used to LOVE taking things apart and putting them back together. The 3 year old boys will  LOVE this toy.

toys for 3 year old boys

By the way, I’m a HUGE reading advocate. I have always read to my kids and then they were very good readers. When and if you buy the construction toy above, why not get your child a book like this? It’s called Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site. That way he learns more about the purpose of the toy and begins to have a real affinity for it when playing during the day.

#3 – Melissa & Doug Fire Chief Role Play Costume Set

I don’t know about you, but my kids wear costumes all year – not just at Halloween. That’s becxause they’re big into pretend play. Most 3 year old boys are, too. And there’s nothing better than being a real life hero figure – a fireman. This cute dress up costume includes the fireman jacket (it’s washable – yea!), a chief’s helmet, a fire extinguisher, a badge to make them official, and a bullhorn that makes sounds. It’s Melissa and Doug, so I’m a fan – top quality.

toys for 3 year old boys

#4 – Melissa & Doug Band in a Box

We own this! Yes, it’s another Melissa and Doug (sorry – can’t help what shows up on the top selling list!) – and it’s a band in a box set. I love the little storage container and it has some cool band items – the cymbals, triangle, maracas, and more. These aren’t cheapo plastic music toys – these are nice quality and they sound good. Little three year old boys will have a blast with this set.

toys for 3 year old boys

#5 – Color My Bath! 300 Color Changing Bath Tablets

Bath time for 3 year old boys is sometimes a challenge. Not anymore! Now I have bought products similar to these in my local store – and they sucked. But these have a GREAT rating by consumers and one dad even does a video review showing how vibrant the colors are. You get 300 tablets. They don’t stain anything. They’re safe, too.

I also have another neat tip – I did this with my kids – buy some of those glow in the dark sticks and snap them so they begin glowing – then toss them in the bath and turn off the lights. The bathroom glows so pretty and your child feels magical!

toys for 3 year old boys

#6 – Transformers Rescue Bots Chase The Policebot

Now age 3 is when little boys start really getting into the whole action figure business. This chunky toddler sized Transformer is perfect to start off their collection. I’m showing you a picture in Transformer form, but they can move it around and turn it into a police car instead.

toys for 3 year old boys

#7 – Fisher-Price Disney’s Jake and The Never Land Pirates – Jake’s Musical Pirate Ship Bucky

Okay that name is a mouthful but this is one of the hot toddler toys for 3 year old boys. This is when they start getting into pirates and this ship is so cool. My favorite part is the crocodile that pops its head out of the side. The pirate ship is from Peter Pan, of course! It has Jake and Skully figures and a spring loaded cannon. There are sound effects and phrases that you can hear.

toys for 3 year old boys

#8 – Transformers Rescue Bots Heatwave The Firebot

This is like the police transformer above, only this one turns into a firetruck. In this image, I show you the vehicle instead of the Transformer portion so you can kind of see how they work on both sides. Really cute starter action figure for your collection!

toys for 3 year old boys

#9 – Melissa & Doug Deluxe Jumbo 40-Piece Cardboard Blocks

Boys love blocks, plain and simple. These Melissa and Doug cardboard boxes are so sturdy your kid can stand on them without them getting crushed! There are 40 large blocks that they can build with – they’re oversized. So they can build themselves a fort or whatever they set their mind to.

toys for 3 year old boys

#10 – Thomas & Friends: Take-n-Play The Great Quarry Climb

Age 3 is when boys start being able to handle playing with train toys a bit better. So this set is perfect. They love Thomas anyway, and this has a steep climb built in – lots of fun. The set folds up so it stores away nicely.

Also, I have to share something else with you. My daughter liked Thomas and I always wanted one of those amazing Thomas the Train tables where you could put their train tracks, etc. Our kids’ haircut place had one but MAN they were expensive. Well, here’s a fantastic tutorial on easily making a train table yourself that I didn’t know about back when she was into them 🙁  Just something to consider if your kid is really into them!

toys for 3 year old boys

Which toys for 3 year old boys do you think your child would like best? My favorite in the list is the pirate ship.

Tiff 😉