My daughter is 8 so the 7 and 8 year olds have approximately the same level of toy play. Still, I went and researched the exact toy age group. You want toys that aren’t too far above their heads, that aren’t too babyish – the ones just right that allow room to grow and have fun.

#1 – Lego Friends Heartlake Stables 3189

The 416 piece stable set has lots of accessories. There are 2 jump fences for the horses to practice their showmanship as well as 4 regular fences for creating a pasture for the horses or using as decoration in front of the stable.

Flowers from the set add just the right splash of color. The set has a well with a bucket, a ladder leading up to the loft and more. T o get the horses ready to take the first place ribbon, there are brushes, hairspray and a decorative bow. The set comes with 2 minifigures and 2 horses.

This line of LEGOs is perfect for little girls aged 7 because it allows for creativity but it’s easy enough for them to follow through with.

toys for girls age 7

#2 – Monster High High School Playset

Now you can have the high school to go along with the high demand Monster High dolls. The school is two stories high and features a classroom, the casketball court, the monster version of a lunchroom known as the creepateria and the jamming sessions DJ booth.

There are plenty of spooky extras including the shiver worthy three-eyed frog. The ghouls can play a game of casketball with the black ball and vie for the trophy. Books and accessories can be stored in the opening locker plus you also get desks, food, pens, notebooks and more.

Scarlett is really into the Monster High Dolls – has been since age 7 (she’s 8 now). They’re a fun line – not scary or gross. Actually they’re pretty beautiful. And if you get the dolls, then you’ll want this play area for them to hang out. Watch the video to see what it looks like:

#3 – Angry Birds: Knock On Wood Game

Get the wood version of the application that’s sweeping the nation. Now kids can build the castle that the Angry Birds will go after. The game is for 2-4 players and comes with the pieces to build the castle, cards, 3 Angry Birds, a bird launcher and 4 pigs.

The game has 2 bonus points items-an egg and a star. The game comes with instructions and is suitable for ages 5-9. We own this! Not only does my middle son like playing with it, but Scarlett does, too. Perfect for the age 7 girls.

toys for 7 year old girls

#4 – Furby

It’s the cute and cuddly Furby in orange with blue accent features. Furby speaks Furbish when you first get him but he does begin to learn English. Until he does, though, you can understand what he’s saying but using the Furby application you can access.

You can feed Furby a variety of foods and watch his reaction to the foods but you can also touch his beak with your finger like you’re feeding him and he’ll react then too. Furby will interact with you, dance to music, and respond to your voice. He also plays with other Furbys. If you treat Furby kindly, he’ll be a loving pet but if you treat him unkindly, he’ll respond with rudeness.

toys for 7 year old girls

#5 – Fashion Headbands

Encouraging a child’s creativity is always a good idea and the Fashion Headbands set allows kids to explore their creative side. The set has a variety of headbands they can make. Kids start with the satin base (there are 10 in all) and can decorate the headbands as simply or as elaborately as they please.

They can decorate with flowers and ribbons or with rhinestones. For added splash, they can add feathers or for a touch of summer, decorate with a butterfly. This set makes a great group or party idea.

My daughter is really into arts and crafts and beauty accessories so this is a perfect gift to get a girl this age.

toys for 7 year old girls

#6 – Barbie The Princess & the Popstar 2-in-1 Transforming Tori Doll

From the movie The Princess and the Popstar comes this lovely fashion doll. By pushing on the necklace, the doll can belt out 2 songs. She’ll also change from a princess into a singing sensation.

When you pull the string on her back, the elegant pink princess dress becomes a blue outfit that’s fit for a popstar. Even her blonde locks of the princess can change and become the pink rocker hair. A microphone accessory is included.

We got this for my daughter this past Christmas and she loves it. It’s really cute – and helpful so that instead of having to switch costumes, you just roll up the dress. Great for this age because some of those Barbie clothes are a nightmare to swap out. Watch the video to see how she works:

#7 – Melissa & Doug Wooden Bear Family Dress-Up Puzzle

The 45 piece Melissa & Doug Wooden Bear Family Dress-Up Puzzle is a set that’s neatly organized in a divided wooden box making it easy to keep the pieces stored. Kids love this puzzle set because they love changing out the clothes and deciding who gets to wear what.

They can use the faces of the bear family to make them happy or sad etc. The pieces fit snugly into the puzzle board lid so they’ll stay in place as your little one creates stories about the bear family. This is a durable toy that’s suitable for kids ages 3 and older.

This is a younger toy BUT I know it still looks fun for girls a bit older who like to play dress up with toys. And Scarlett’s into the Berenstain Bears still, so this would be a cute little travel toy.

toys for 7 year old girls

#8 – Royal Wedding Castle Playset

The castle playset is a welcome addition for those who love the My Little Pony toys. With the castle, the day of the wedding has arrived and the ponies can get married in elegant style. The castle features stairs, a golden door and a chandelier.

There are golden rings for the bride and groom as well as a tuxedo, dress and veil. The accessories include a piano, a swing, flowers, a wedding cake with cups and a teapot, a table, a comb and more. The My Little Pony line is perfect for girls age 7 years old. Look at the video for it below:

#9 – Mini Lalaloopsy Carry Along Playhouse with Exclusive Doll

Kids love the mini Lalaloopsy dolls in all their cuteness and the playhouse is a must have for their collection of these toys with the winsome smiles and button eyes. The playhouse has a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, schoolroom and entrance way.

The set comes with a cookie tray, a pet and a doll that’s exclusive to the playhouse. The house can store 16 o the dolls so if your child has a collection, this is a great way to keep them organized too. The playhouse zips open and shut. It’s lightweight and has a handy carrying handle for transporting the set.

We don’t have this set but we DO own lots of Lalaloopsy stuff – the treehouse, the schoolbus, the carnival stuff. Scarlett enjoys the line. The small toys are more fun than the big dolls.

toys for 7 year old girls

#10 – LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer Disney Princess Bundle

This tablet offers kids a huge selection of education activities as well as fun games and plenty of space to create their own videos. The touch screen is easy for them to use. Kids can have fun while learning about science or geography.

They can have music education or math. They can do writing or read. The great thing about the education part of the tablet is that the learning levels grow with your child. As he’s ready to advance, so will the educational materials!

The tablet has a built in camera (front and back) so your child can take photos, can create with the special effects and more. The tablet can be customized with the princess of your child’s choice. With the bundle, you’ll get the tablet, the solid carrying case, a stylus, the wallpapers, stickers, song application and a writing application. Watch the video to see how it works:

Which toys do you think your 7-year old daughter would like most?

Tiff 😉