I don’t know who created the phrase “terrible twos” but I personally love this age – and all of them truth be told. Age two is a special one for toys in my opinion as a mom.

Your child is no longer just learning to walk and have independence – they’ve been building it for awhile now. So the toys you invest in for them will provide fun and education and growth.

Fisher Price is one of the best brands for toys for kids at this age, but you can also find great brands that have certain materials, like wooden or natural and organic toys for 2 year olds.

I’ve categorized the toys for you to help guide you in what you need – whether it’s a noisy toy or a quiet one, a bath toy or one for the outdoors. This link, though, will take you to the entire “toys for 2 year olds” listing – so you can sort it out however you want to.

#1 – Toys to Keep a 2-Year Old Occupied

I start out with this category because we always have errands to run, and it’s hard to get a two-year old to sit still. So having toys (preferably compact ones) is important. You might not even be on an errand, but need a toy for the plane ride so that everyone’s not giving you the old stink eye because your toddler is crying.

Sometimes you just need to keep them busy so that you can make dinner, get work done, do laundry or whatever. For the times when it doesn’t matter what they’re doing sound-wise, I would go with a good musical toy for 2 year olds.

The Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube is really popular, but I prefer a different musical toy. The Cube just feels like it’s better suited for younger kids to me.

Melissa & Doug makes a really precious Learn to Play Piano that is just the right size, colorful, and enticing to kids this age. It actually says ages 3 and up but every consumer picture and tons of reviews use it for much younger – even those just sitting up.

Motorized toys for 2 year olds are also a good idea.  You can get cars, trains and all sorts of neat things that are perfect for toddlers.

So what if you need them to sit still instead? (And be quiet on top of that?). I used to take Color Wonders products  for my kids. NO mess – it’s invisible – and they can draw and create things at will. Also, take along books – lots of them – and preferably some with little finger puppets built in so you can entertain your child while he or she is restless. Here’s a great little travel tote for Color Wonder:

Color Wonder

#2 – Toys for Autistic Two-Year Olds

My step-niece is autistic and I have a friend who also has an autistic son, so I know it’s important to have toys that meet their needs. First, consider whether your child has a really strong interest in something – many times autistic children latch onto an idea.

You want durable toys – and toys that provide ample sensory integration for visual, auditory and touch. Get toys that facilitate hand and eye coordination and social interaction.

One really neat toy that we own for our kids (and gave to my sister’s stepdaughter) is the My Keepon robot.  Now it says it’s for ages 6 and up – ignore them. The toy is great for autistic toddlers. It makes them have eye contact, it feels squishy and soft, and it dances and reacts to your voice and sounds.

My Keepon

#3 – Toys for 2-Year Old Girls

Really, the toys you buy for a boy and girl at this age are pretty similar. But some parents do like to separate the genders with toy purchases, and if that’s you, that’s okay, too.

I recommend you get either some princess toys for 2 year old girls or Peppa Pig toys for 2 year olds – little girls love both of those.

You also may want to get her a Kidoozie My First Purse. This is a really cute set – comes with a pink purse, lipstick, cell phone, keys and wallet – all fake, of course. There’s also a mirror that won’t break and a debit card. My daughter had one as a toddler but it was hard plastic and this one is soft – love it better!

Toddler Purse

#4 – Toys for 2-Year Old Boys

For the boys, I suggest maybe a mixture of pirate toys for 2 year olds and train toys for 2 year olds. You can never go wrong there. Of course there are tons of options, but these are the most popular.

There are many options though – cars, planes, Little People and of course, sports sets! One of our favorites around our house at this age was the Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set.

Toddler Basketball Set

#5 – Electronic Learning Toys for 2 Year Olds

Two years old is when electronics really start engaging your toddler. You can find tons of Leapfrog toys for 2 year olds and Vtech toys. Touchscreen toys for this age are getting better and better.

Then there are remote control toys. These are good learning toys of a different type. Your child learns about maneuvering a vehicle and it helps them gain a bit of motor skills if the handling is adequate.

My favorite electronic learning toy for this age group is the LeapFrog Letter Factory Phonics. Because it helps your child learn, it has the whole “putting things in a bucket” concept that toddlers enjoy, and I’m a firm believer in teaching reading phonetically from a very young age! All three of mine are excellent readers.

Toddler Phonics Toy

#6 – Top Educational Toys for 2 Year Olds

There are all sorts of educational toys you can invest in for 2 year olds. Letters, reading, math, and even science toys! Just about any toy for toddlers provides something of an educational value – since their little minds are absorbing everything 24/7.

My favorite learning toy for two year olds is something that elevates their logic and reasoning. It enhances creativity – and it’s colorful, fun and engaging – never repetitive over time. This is actually a toy that your child can play with for years to come. They’re called Magna Tiles and look at the kinds of things your toddler can create:

Magna Tiles

#7 – Elmo Toys for 2 Year Olds

Previously, I was talking to you about broader categories. But I want to move into characters or themes now. Elmo toys are popular at this age because our kids watch Sesame Street. There are plush toys, musical toys, and a ton more.

My favorite is the Elmo Mailbox Sorter.  This is a unique Elmo toy so not everyone has it – and consumers rave about it. I don’t know about your kids, but mine LOVE mailboxes. My daughter will routinely create on and put it in her play area so that we can all leave her letters. Yes, I make her older brothers “mail” her a letter and they grumble about it.

Elmo Toys for 2 year olds

#8 – Fireman Sam Toys for 2 Year Olds

I have to admit, I had never heard of “Fireman Sam” before I started doing research into what parents of 2-year olds were looking for. So I did some digging! The reason I never heard of it was because it wasn’t originally a US show – it’s Welsh.

But it’s hugely popular. Fireman Sam teaches fire safety, of course. And you can get tons of toys that represent the show. The most popular is the talking plush Fireman Sam, shown below.

Fireman Sam toys for 2 year olds

#9 – Hello Kitty Toys for 2 Year Olds

Hello Kitty is the kind of character you don’t outgrow (did y’all see that lady on The Millionaire Matchmaker who had a Hello Kitty house? Crazy!). Anyway, my daughter is 8 and she has a Hello Kitty backpack right now.

It’s a cute, playful toy when you’re little and a trend thing when you’re a bit older. I was going to tell you to go with a Mega Bloks set, but it does have choking hazards, so I say stick to the plush Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty toys for 2 year olds

#10 – John Deere Toys for 2 Year Olds

If your family is a fan of the John Deere line, then you might consider investing in some John Deere ride on toys for 2 year olds. But that’s not all they have! They have flashlights, talking toolbelts – tons of options.

The John Deere Animal Sounds Hay Ride is my favorite.  It has all of the little animals going on a hay ride with the farmer in his John Deere tractor. Too cute!

John Deere toys for 2 year olds

What kind of toy does your 2 year old play with most? What are your concerns as parents about what kinds of toys your toddler is playing with?

Tiff 😉