Hi everyone! I’m the daughter of a proud, 87 year old veteran who served in the Navy in World War II on the USS Wisconsin, and then in the Air Force during Korea and Viet Nam. Patriotism is important to me and I hate the fact that we eat, live and breathe “Made in China.” Don’t you?

We need to give support to companies who don’t outsource everything overseas – who help keep our America strong by making their toy line here in the US of A. Here are the top 10 “Made in America” toys that consumers are loving right now:

#1 – Green Toys Build-a-Bouquet Floral Arrangement Playset

This delightful flower playset is made from 100% recycled materials. Kids love creating unique flower arrangements. This 44 piece set has a green base with pre-drilled holes that allow a child to easily create beautiful bouquets of daisies, lilies or petunias. All the flowers come with interchangeable parts.

I love that this is such a unique toy. Kids love flowers – picking them for Mom or Dad. So this floral arrangement toy is one of a kind. Check out the video about it here:

#2 – North American Bear Company Rosy Cheeks Baby

The perfect gift idea to give to children whose parents are having another little one. This 15” baby doll helps siblings to feel special when the new brother or sister arrives home. The doll has a soft face with embroidered eyes so there are not buttons to pop off.

The diaper and shirt have velcro which makes it easy for a little one to dress “her” baby. The doll has a little hat and comes with a new baby ID bracelet.

North American Blonde Baby

#3 – Nite Glow Ultrastar Glow in the Dark Flying Disc

The Nite Glow Ultrastar is one of the best discs to use when playing the game of Ultimate. In this game, you need seven players per team and the object is to get the disc across the end zone.

It’s played using the “Spirit of the Game” and is a no-contact sport. While it’s a lot of fun for team players, it’s also fun for a pick up game between a handful of people. The disc only weighs 175 grams, so it’s got a lot of distance power. The 11” diameter gives it easy lift off power. The disc glows in the dark once it’s charged up and you can charge it using natural light or a flashlight.

Glow in the dark frisbee

#4 – Uncle Goose Wooden ABC Blocks

Every child should have a set of wooden blocks. The Uncle Goose blocks come with non-toxic ink in the colors so they’re safe if a child bites down on the ink. This classic toy comes with a total of 28 blocks.

But on these blocks, you not only get the letters of the alphabet, you get numbers and animal pictures as well. The blocks can be used to build towers, to spell out words, to learn how to count, learn the different colors and learn about a variety of animals. The blocks come with great designs and they’re long lasting. Each set has a cotton bag for easy clean up and storage of the blocks.

Uncle Goose Wooden Blocks

#5 – Green Toys Dump Truck

The dump truck is 100% recycled and even the box it comes in is recycled. This durable toy has a rear dumper that lifts up to let the items in it slide out. It’s strong enough to be used inside, outside in grassy areas or even in a sandbox.

It’s a great toy for boys or girls 12 months and older. Without metal axles in the wheels, this makes it an easy to play with toy that kids can push along and have fun loading and unloading the back. If the truck gets dirty, it can be wiped clean with a cloth or placed in the dishwasher.

#6 – Sam Rubber Ducky Limited Edition CelebriDuck

This is both a toy as well as a collectible! This cute CelebriDuck is constructed with kid safe materials and come in the bright yellow that rubber ducks are known for. This can be used as a bath toy and is created to stay afloat in the tub so kids get a lot of fun out of playing with the duck.

If you want to use it as a collectible, the toy has a cute box for holding it. The duck is just over 4 inches and has the ‘Hatched in the USA’ stamped across the front.

Sam Rubber Ducky

#7 – Jumbo Lacing Beads Classic Made in USA Wood Toy

These lacing beads can help kids as young as 18 months learn motor skills. They will learn coordination as they push the rope through open ends of the beads. The beads can also be used to help kids learn colors and counting skills.

The cord is 28” in length and is sturdy as well as long lasting. The 9 beads in the set are painted with colorful yet non-toxic paint. Each wood bead is guaranteed not to splinter, crack or become warped out of shape.

Jumbo Lacing Beads

#8 – Green Toys Tea Set

It’s tea time with the Green Toys Tea Set! This sweet pastel set has 17 pieces in all. Kids will get the teapot and lid, a lidded sugar bowl, 4 spoons, 4 cups with 4 saucers and a creamer.

Kids can put real liquid in the teapot and pour it out and actually drink from the cups or eat off the plates. Each piece of the set is dishwasher safe. The lightweight yet durable material is made from recycled milk jugs and is free from harmful lead paint, BPA and phthalates.

By the way, Scarlett started playing tea party around age 3. We STILL play it today – so it pays to get a durable set like this that will last.Watch this little video to see more about this tea set:

#9 – Green Toys My First Tugboat

The My First Tugboat is a Green Toys favorite when it comes time for little ones to take a bath. They love filling the boat again and again with water. The toy has a strong handle for little fingers to hold onto so they can lift up the boat and pour water from the spout.

This turns the dreaded bath tears into a time they look forward to getting into the tub! But not only do kids love playing with this toy in the water, they also enjoy playing with it as a regular toy. It’s a great floating toy but also fun in the sandbox too. Watch how much fun these kids have with their little tugboats:

#10 – Green Toys School Bus

It’s time for school with the Green Toys School Bus! Kids love this sturdy toy that they can play with. This bright yellow and durable bus can be pushed up a hill or roll down slides in a race. It can easily move over gravel or be used on indoor flooring.

Kids can reach through the wide open top to unload or load the students. There are no moveable parts that will break off. The bus is made with kids’ safety in mind and was created from recycled plastic without BPA, PVC or phthalates.

Made in america toys

Which one is your favorite “Made in America” toy? Mine is the rubber ducky because he even has it emblazoned across his chest proudly! Can’t beat that – teaching our kids patriotism, too!

Tiff 😉