Valentines Day has come and gone but a day doesn’t go by that we don’t need to tell our kids how much we love them. So I gathered the top 10 “I love you” toys. Do it for NO reason – show your kids you love them outside of a holiday.

#1 – Webkinz Plush Stuffed Animal Love Monkey

This soft, huggable toy from Webkinz is stuffed full of love and hugs. Kids can choose what name to give their monkey and have fun interacting with him online as well as in real time.

He comes with a code kids can use to activate the online home the pet has. It’s fun to feed, groom and tuck the monkey into bed. Kids can collect Kinzcash to decorate their pet’s room and buy special treats for him. My daughter’s class is SO into these. I got her a giraffe but this is precious.

toys that say i love you

#2 – Ty Beanie Babies – Valentina the Bear

This bear is a cute addition to add to the collection of any Beanie Baby fan. The bear is cuddly, soft to the touch and has a white heart on his chest. He’s full of squeezable hugs! The white heart looks nice against the maroon color of the bear. He comes with the ty tags in one ear. The bear makes a great Valentine’s Day gift that any child will love.

toys that say i love you

#3 – Barbie I Love Valentines! Doll

There’s an extra special Barbie doll especially made to give as a Valentine’s Day gift. This glamorous Barbie is dressed in a short dress with cute heart designs. She’s wearing matching shoes with peek-through sides.

A beautiful necklace graces her neck and her dangling earrings match the necklace. As an added bonus, she also comes with a heart shaped ring your child will love to wear on this special day.

toys that say i love you

#4 – 24 Itty Bitty Miniature VALENTINE HEART Rubber Ducks

Get these super cute rubber ducks in pink or white that are decorated with tiny hearts to use for your Valentine’s Day party. You can give them out as favors or use them to decorate tables.

Kids can use these to give to kids in their class at school or you can use them on top of cupcakes as toppers. As a double treat, when the cupcakes are eaten, the ducks can be rinsed off and played with.

toys that say i love you

#5 – Webkinz Love Frog Limited Edition Release

He’s pink and covered in hearts! Though it’s a sweet gift for any time of the year, the Love Frog is a sweet way to say ‘I love you’ to your child on Valentine’s Day. The stuffed amphibian is suitable for boys or girls. The frog is perfect to snuggle up to. Plus, with the attached code, kids can get online to adopt their pet and then customize the world the pet lives in.

toys that say I love you

#6 – Ty Beanie Babies – Cupid the Valentines Dog

This is the perfect stuffed dog! No one can resist this adorable pup! He’s all decked out and waiting to bring a smile to your child’s face on Valentine’s Day. He has a red heart shaped patch over one eye and cute pink accents on his paws, ears and muzzle. He’s wearing a red collar decorated in the hugs and kisses language of love with the white x and o design.

toys that say I love you

#7 – Learning Resources – Smart Snacks Hide’N’ Peek Chocolates

This toy is made of shapes and colors that look like milk chocolate and dark chocolate candy. The storage box is in the shape of a box of Valentine’s Day candy. The bottom of the box holds the candy pieces that kids fit back into like a puzzle.

The chocolate candy pieces get matched up to the colored centers. It’s a fun memory game activity that teaches color, solving puzzles and motor skills. Your child will love playing with this sweet treat game over and over again.

toys that say I love you

#8 – My Pillow Pets Luv Pup 18″ Large

The Pillow Pets Luv Pup is a perfect any time toy but he brings a message of cuddly love when given on Valentine’s Day. His little nose is in the shape of a red heart and if his tail could wag, it would! The underside of the dog is decorated in hearts. He’s made of soft Chenille and opens up from a pet to a pillow.

When closed with the straps, he’s a pet again. Kids love having this comfortable pillow friend to snuggle with. You can clean it in the washing machine when needed, but let it air dry rather than putting it in the dryer.

toys that say I love you

#9 – Webkinz Eluvant – Valentine’s Day Seasonal Release

The Webkinz Eluvant is ready just in time for Valentine’s Day and you want to grab one while they’re available so you don’t miss out. This sweet guy has pink colored heart shaped ears and a tail that has a heart on the tip of it.

He’s white and covered all over with hearts. Like the other Webkinz animals, he comes with a code that can be used to access the online world of Webkinz. Your child will delight in taking care of her special pet and creating a wonderful place for him to live in.

toys that say I love you

#10 – Mattel The Sing-A-Ma-Jigs – Sweetheart

This award winning toy is one that elicits plenty of fun and laughter from everyone who uses it. The toy has 3 ways to play. The mouth opens and it can talk, or it’ll sing its signature song, the song varies according to the model you get, and it also sings in unison with the other models.

This particular model sings a sweet rendition of “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” that kids and adults both will enjoy. Kids can also play dress up with this toy. It’s simply to control the different modes by pressing the hand.

toys that say I love you

Which one are you going to order to surprise your child with an “I love you” for no reason?

Tiff 😉