Teach your kid to tell time is something some parents wait for their teachers to do. Not me. I wanted my kids to know that early on. And not from a digital clock. It’s fun for kids to learn new things!

They’re so proud of themselves when it happens. So today I gathered up the top 10 toys that can help you teach your child how to tell time. Pick one that you think your child would enjoy most.

#1 – Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Clock

This colorful wooden clock is a multi-learning toy. Your child will learn to tell time by placing the raised blocks on the clock in the time slot where they belong. Not only will he learn how to tell time, but he’ll also learn numbers and how to identify shapes. The hour and minute hands of the clock are different colors for easy identification and can be moved to help him tell the time.

Toys that teach time

I love the Melissa and Doug toys. This one is perfect for younger kids and it’s bright and colorful, while being educational simultaneously.

#2 – Telly the Teaching Time Clock

Telly the Teaching Time Clock has an LCD screen that will show digital time while his face shows analog time. Kids love learning with this cute character that’s also a night light. Telly is an electronic toy that’s programmed to ask kids to point to a certain time and will gently tell them if they’re right or not. Kids can set Telly’s hands and he’ll tell them the time. The digital clock can be used as a functioning clock. Watch this cute video showing how it works:

What a cute idea! I like that it has two modes – the first one educates, and the second one has them practicing.

#3 – Learning Resources Big Time 12-Hour Demonstration Clock

Kids love bright colors and this large, bright yellow clock will hold their attention as you teach them how to tell time. The red and blue hands show both the hours and the minutes. The size (13 ¼”) makes the numbers easy to see and yet it’s lightweight enough to be held. It comes with a stand if you want to sit it upright. The clock comes with an activity guide and wipes clean with a damp cloth.

toys that teach time

I think this is great for the kinds of parents who want to send their kids off to school with a great start. My kids were all reading before kindergarten – and telling time, too!

#4 – Bai What-Time-Is-It Learning Clock

The Bai What-Time-Is-It Learning Clock is just the right size for a child’s room to help him learn how to tell time. It’s 6 inches in width and has the helpful blue and red hour and minute hands. Whenever clocks have different colors for the minutes and hours, it makes it easier for kids to learn the difference between hours and minutes. The bright red numbers stand out and the clock has helpful minute by minute countdown so that you can teach your child how 60 minutes equal an hour.

toys that teach time

I k now from teaching my own kids how to tell time that the whole hours and minutes thing was what confused them, so this toy eliminates that obstacle.

#5 – “Tell The Time” Electronic Learning Teach Time Clock Educational Toy for Kids

Whenever you teach a child, the first thing you have to do is get his attention. That’s exactly what this clock does with the design and the bright colors. The clock has 2 modes-one for teaching and one to test what your child has learned. There’s a clapping sound if he gets the right answer. The clock plays 6 tunes and has both an analog and a digital way to tell time.

toys that teach time

I love toys that bring inanimate objects like a clock to life as a being. This one is bright and colorful and fun! It’ll really engage your child perfectly.

#6 – Ravensburger My First Clock – Learning Game

The game of learning how to tell time will help your child learn the fundamental basics of time. Because it can be confusing for a young child just now learning how time is divided, this game breaks it down into minutes, half hours and then hours. It’s for 1-6 players and will teach kids to associate activities such as breakfast in the morning hours versus the evening hours. The game comes with a clock and 27 cards to set the clock’s time.

toys that teach time

Instead of just a clock – this actually has a game included. Nice option and it might be perfect to go WITH one of the other clock toys, too.

#7 – Basic Fun Teaching Clock

This beautiful red clock is in the design of an old schoolhouse. It’s a retro clock that was a favorite for generations and now your kids can have one like you had as a child. The face of the clock has time broken down by activities. The sun is out for the daylight hours, there’s a picture of bath time for the evening hours and a picture of a sleeping moon for bedtime. The clock has a rotating dial and plays a classic music tune.

toys that teach time

I like that this one separates daytime and nighttime. Cute Fisher Price toy to teach kids how to tell time.

#8 – SpongeBob Squarepants Time Teacher Desk Clock

Kids love cartoon characters and now the SpongeBob Squarepants Clock is here to teach all about telling time. The hands of the clock are clearly identified as hour or minute so your child will never get the hands confused. The numbers are big and easy to read against the colorful background. The clock has lights that can be turned on or off. The clock needs 2 AA batteries to run.

toys that teach time

There’s nothing quite unique about this clock toy, but it’s Sponegbob – so that’s all it takes to get kids engaged.

#9 – Hello Kitty Time Teacher Desk Clock

This cute clock in the adorable pink of the Hello Kitty brand is a great way to help your child learn all about time. There are lights for the clock and you can use this feature on or turn it off. If on, the lights will rotate every hour. The face of the clock is clear with the Miss Kitty background. The minute and hour hands are soft blue and pink and the second hand is easy to see.

toys that teach time

I love this option for little girls. Hello Kitty is one of my daughter’s favorites.

#10 – LEGO Time-Teacher Minifigure Watch & Clock

This super cool LEGO clock is made of LEGO pieces and sits on a LEGO base. The clock can be taken apart and customized to suit your child. The hour and minute hand are LEGO pieces. The wristwatch has a minifigure on the side of the watch and the design looks like different colored blocks. The watch is water and scratch resistant and has a 24 month warranty. Activity cards to help your child learn how to tell time are included in this set.

toys that teach time

VERY cool option if your child is a LEGO lover as mine are. I like that you can take this apart and customize it for your own child.

Which one do you think YOUR child would enjoy most?

Tiff 🙂