Hi everyone! I’m one of those moms who believes gender toys don’t exist. My sons played with dolls and kitchens (and cars and swords and toy guns too) and my daughter plays with all of the same.

So when I share with you the top 10 wooden toy kitchens today, I want you to keep in mind that boys, not just girls, like to cook – especially during the toddler and little kid age.

We have owned many toy kitchens – plastic and wooden. I have preferences toward the wooden for quality and realism and I only liked the plastic versions because they were easier to clean up.

So I wanted to share the wooden ones because they’re so precious.

#1 – Melissa & Doug Cook’s Corner Wooden Kitchen

This little kitchen is the bestseller online right now, even though it’s kind of plain to me. Perfect for the younger toddlers who don’t need as many details. It also fits in a corner – which is a plus for a space hog like a toy kitchen! The timer works, and they have burners and a sink and everything essential – so it’s a great starter kitchen.

Melissa & Doug Cooks corner Wooden Kitchen

#2 – Pink Wooden Toy Kitchen by KidKraft

With this little pink wooden toy kitchen, your child gets a clock whose hands move, pretend salt and pepper shakers and a spatula set. It’s vertical more than horizontal, so it’s not a space hog, either. Simple, yet cute! 

Pink Wooden Toy Kitchen By Kidkraft

#3 – Educo My Creative Cookery Club

This is a small kitchen, but a great one for toddlers – boys and girls. It’s made of Baltic birch wood and it comes with vegetables and bread that are velcro’d to the kitchen (for easy clean up). It looks taller in this image than it really is, so make sure if you’re considering it, you click through and look at the customer images so you can see the height of the kids playing with it.

Educo My Creative Cookery Club

#4 – KidKraft Cook Together Kitchen

This is the first one the list that I kind of see as more of a deluxe model. It has the little details – the phone, the chalkboard where we Moms write down our grocery lists, and so on. It’s a nice sized wooden toy kitchen, too. The clock hands move – and it is made with my favorite primary colors. Oh and from a parent’s point of view, you’ll like this – you can pop the sink out and clean it easily. Nice!

KidKraft Cook Together Kitchen

#5 – Kidkraft Deluxe Let’s Cook Kitchen

This model is actually this brand’s deluxe version of the kitchen listed above. And it is a little more deluxe. Aside from a bigger size, it also has a freezer and a fridge. You can clean out the sink the same way, and there are all sorts of little details included with it. Consumers say you can easily let 3 kids play with this at a time, and kids up to age 8 or so enjoy it.

KidKraft Deluxe Lets Cook Kitchen

#6 – Little Tikes Deluxe Wooden Kitchen and Laundry Center

This one is like two toys in one – a kitchen and a laundry center – which is cool because in many homes, the two are connected anyway. I love this because in addition to the kitchen stuff, they also get an ironing board, laundry basket (yea – maybe mine wouldn’t go missing if we’d had this!), etc. The kitchen has a double sink. And the counters look like granite! Tons to love here.

Little Tikes Deluxe Wooden Kitchen and Laundry Center

#7 – Kidkraft Retro Kitchen and Refrigerator in Pink

I love this one! Retro kitchens remind me of my grandmother’s kitchen – and although it wasn’t pink, it just gives me the feel of the good old days. Now if I could just find the recipe for her 14 layer cake. Pinterest isn’t working for me on that. LOL! But this toy kitchen is easy to clean and the little fridge is separate from the rest of the kitchen (sink, oven etc). So it’s easy to arrange in a room. Very cute!

KidKraft Retro Kitchen and Refrigerator

#8 – Kidkraft Suite Elite Kitchen

This one is a neat little kitchen – it has the chalkboard and cordless phone with it. There’s a little bit of plastic with it, but not much – and it comes with a couple of cloth curtains, too. It has a bit of a retro soda shop look to it to me.

KidKraft Suite Elite Kitchen

#9 – KidKraft Prairie Kitchen

Any other Little House on the Prairie fans out there? I identified with Laura myself – I had the big sister and there were a few Nellies in our neighborhood. So this is a really cute toy wooden kitchen and my favorite part? It has a paper towel holder!! I’m a dork, I know, but that’s a cute feature the others don’t have!

KidKraft Prairie Kitchen

#10 – Melissa & Doug Classic Deluxe Kitchen

I’m a big fan of Melissa & Doug’s stuff – it’s all top quality and we’ve invested a small fortune in it. This is their deluxe version of a toy wooden kitchen. My favorite part is the random storage spot at the bottom. It has the stove, etc – but also a freezer with the fridge. The oven is see-through, which I like. This is the kind of kitchen you invest in for years, not some quick, cheap plastic kitchen you plan to toss out before next year.

Melissa & Doug Classic Deluxe Kitchen

I hope you enjoyed my top 10 list of the best wooden toy kitchens! I’ll be doing more series on the materials we buy for our kids. Stay tuned!
Tiff 😉