Hi everyone! At 2 years old, little girls hit a series of developmental milestones. They learn how to build things with toys such as stacking items one on top of the other. They begin to seek small steps of independence.

Little girls at this age also begin to exhibit which hand will be her dominant one. She learns to sort objects according to their size and shape.

During this developmental stage, girls of this age learn the world of make believe. This is why it’s important to give them plenty of colorful toys to play with – like the LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Set engage not only a child’s imagination but also work to help a 2 year old with her learning skills.

This tea set is a 10 piece containing the teapot, a plate, 6 slices of cake and 2 teacups. The amount of pretend food encourages your child to learn how to share. It lights up with different colors and comes with songs that can help your child learn not only counting but vocabulary words as well. There are more than 50 different engaging sounds, songs, and other noises that the teapot makes.

Your child will learn things like her colors, how shapes fit together and she’ll improve her motor skills. The teapot has a lid that lifts and it will speak to the child as she’s pouring the tea. As the tea brews, it makes realistic sounds and even moves around as if there’s real liquid in the pot. When the lid is lifted, your child will discover a little mirror.

It needs 3 AAA batteries, but those are included. It also has an off switch so you can turn the sound off.

At two years old, little girls want to emulate the women in their lives. That includes doing things like carrying around a purse. The Kidoozie My First Purse is both fun as well as educational.

This toy will quickly become your child’s favorite as she carries it around the house and on errands with her. It’ll help to boost her imagination as she pretends that she needs her purse to do what the adults have one for.

This brightly colored purse with the decorative flower on the side is a great pick as a child’s first purse. It comes with plenty of accessories that she can use during her make believe time.

A cellphone comes with the purse. Even though this phone does not make noise and the buttons cannot be pushed to make sounds, your child will still feel like she has a big girl phone.

A set of two keys on a key ring are included. There’s also a plastic tube of bright red plastic play lipstick. A mirror is included that’s child safe.

For the times when your little girl needs to get her shopping done, there’s also a wallet and a debit card. All of the items included in the purse are safe for young children to use. These items are also sizeable enough so that they’re not choking hazards.

At two years of age, little girls need both physical play as well as play that’s designed to stimulate their learning skills. It’s at this age that you can create a good foundation for learning. That’s why your child needs learning and discovery toys such as the VTech Rhyme and Discover Book. Children find it easier to learn when that learning is introduced in a fun or memorable way.

This book helps a child with language development as well as motor skills. It’s bright and colorful and has pictures on the front as well as on the pages that your child will love to look at over and over again.

There are little animal figurines on the right side of the book that are buttons. When you push them, it will lead your child into a different activity. There are moving parts to be explored as well as a large butterfly button on the front of the book that slides to the left or to the right.

The book comes with 25 different classic nursery rhymes. It can also say names or make animal sounds. This toy helps a child learn vocabulary thanks to all the different things there is to read. The pages are thick enough for a child to easily grasp when they want to explore the book. When you turn the book on it welcomes your child by saying, “Let’s read and sing together.”

Depending on the button that your child pushes, the book will say different phrases. It does have a volume control as well an off switch.

You always want to encourage your child to play, but you want it to be safe play especially when you’re busy. That’s why the FocuSun Kids Ball Pit Playpen makes the list of top toys for 2 year old girls.

It engages your child’s imagination in a safe way. It helps to teach your child about shapes and different colors thanks to the brightly colored circles on the outside of the playpen.

Playing with this toy helps your child to learn how to be more independent. It also teaches responsibility from learning to pick the balls up and put them back in the pen when they’re tossed out.

This toy has an amazingly quick set up time to it. You simply unfold it and it pops right into shape. Taking it down is as easy as it is to set it up. Plus, it folds neatly into the little storage bag that comes with the playpen so you can store it anywhere as well as take it with you on a trip if needed.

The fabric isn’t machine washable but you can wipe it down if you need to clean it. It’s lightweight so you don’t have to worry about heavy sides falling on your child like some playpens. It can be used inside or out and it’s large enough for multiple children to play in.

You need to be aware that the balls do not come with this playpen. You’ll have to buy those separately. At a minimum, you’ll need to get 300 of the balls in order to have enough to fill the bottom of the playpen because it’s bigger than it looks. It can easily hold more than 300 though.

Building blocks are an important first toy for little girls and the Mega Bloks DCH62 First Builders Big Building Bag is the one that you want to get.

These blocks are constructed to fit into a child’s hands. This makes the blocks easy to grip and easy for your child to create with them. Your little girl can learn to create a variety of different designs like buildings or animals or whatever her imagination desires.

The toy is educational in that it helps a child learn puzzle solving by learning how to fit pieces together. It also helps her to learn stacking as well as counting pieces. The blocks also help her to learn different colors. There are 80 pieces in this set for hours of imaginative play.

The blocks come in a storage bag and are compatible with other toys in the Mega Blok collection.

There are all sorts of toys that are perfect for two year old girls. Just head to Amazon and have a look around at the reviews!

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