When you’re looking for toys for 1 year old girls, you have a couple of different choices among the types of toys you buy. Some are perfect for either gender – boy or girl – and some are obviously meant for little baby or toddler girls.

I chose these top 10 toys for 1 year old girls based off of three things: what I know my own daughter LOVED playing with, what other consumers rate high, and what’s on the bestseller list at this time.

#1 – Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Stride-to-Ride Puppy

Your baby girl learning to walk is a time to celebrate. This puppy lets babies learn their first steps while keeping her steady as she walks. Babies get to have fun while they’re learning to walk, too. As babies are learning to walk, the lights on the puppy’s nose will twinkle. The button collar around his neck lights up, too.

Colors and shapes are part of this learning experience as babies put the sorting blocks into the puppy’s side. Little girls get to hear over 50 songs and when the songs play, they will learn their letters and numbers.

Through the play of this walker and toy combination, your child will also learn her opposites and get to know how to count and recognize letters. The puppy teaches about manners and greetings as well as the alphabet. She will also learn motor skills.


#2 – Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Soothe and Glow Seahorse

Fussy bedtime can be ended with this toy. One year old girls love the seahorse and it can make bedtime a lot easier because it comforts baby. This adorable plush seahorse soothes baby with its soft glow.

Along with the soft glow, your daughter can listen to music or the sound of the ocean as she drifts off to sleep. The seahorse plays a combination of lullabies or classical music.

Though the toy comes with volume control, after five minutes, the lights will slowly dim, the sounds of the toy will stop playing and baby gets a good night’s rest! She’ll also love to play with the seahorse, too.


#3 – LeapFrog Shapes And Sharing Picnic Basket

This picnic basket helps little girls learn about shapes and colors. It also teaches good manners and motor skills as well as counting. The basket comes with 14 pieces and is interactive.

One year old girls get to hear more than 30 sounds as they play. The toy serves kids age 6 to 36 months’ need for exploration. Kids love to pack and unpack the basket time and time again. As they open up the basket to put the stuff back inside, the basket plays music.

The set comes with play food, dishes, the basket and a soft blanket. Parents can use LeapFrog’s online access with this toy for more ideas for how to have fun with this toy.


#4 – Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set

Little girls love tea sets and having pretend tea parties. This set adds learning in with the fun. The happy face on the wide teapot delights kids and as soon as the lid is lifted, kids get to hear an assortment of sounds.

When kids pretend to pour tea, the pot will make a realistic sound go along with the action. They can also see the little pal that’s in the pot. My daughter Scarlett loved her tea set!

The set includes treats designed to help baby learn shapes. But kids can also learn about music and manners. Counting is another educational way this toy benefits little girls while they’re playing. The set has the teapot, two cups, and a plate for the treats.


#5 – Kidoozie My First Purse

Little girls enjoy having a purse just like their mom has and they love the imaginative play fun they can have with My First Purse. This purse has plush kid-sized handles and it’s made of soft fabric in pastel colors.

A cute flower adorns the outside of the purse. Just like Mom’s purse, it comes with plenty of goodies to carry inside of it. Scarlett has owned several purses since about 1 year old and she’s loved them all!

The accessories include a cell phone for making those pretend phone calls she’ll make, a coin purse with a debit card and a safety mirror. Of course, a set of keys like Mom’s are included and there’s even a tube of bright red lipstick. My suggestion? Click on the picture below and go look at the pics that consumers submitted of their 1 year old daughters playing with this toy. You can SEE how happy they are!


#6 – Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Stroll-Along Walker

A combination baby doll stroller and walker gives your baby girl fun while she’s learning how to walk. The wheel base is sturdy in addition to being wide-set in order to help her keep her balance as she walks.

And just like strollers for real babies, this one has toys including spinners that your little girl or her baby doll can ‘play’ with. The cute little bear on the top of the stroller’s handles is a kid favorite.

Kids love to push on the bear and listen to the sweet music it emits. The baby doll with the stroller is sold separately, but the stroller will hold most same size soft cloth baby dolls.


#7 – Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn: Learning Kitchen

This kitchen offers kids a big educational opportunity as well as hours of fun play time. One year old girls can learn letters, numbers, colors and more. The playset has the option of English or Spanish and includes music, imagination play and teaches kids coordination skills.

Your little girl can open up the refrigerator to see the food inside the tray. She can use the sorter to short the food shapes. The refrigerator has a light switch, too. The oven door opens for kids to peek inside while the pot on the top of the stove can cook up pretend food.

The faucet gives realistic sounds as does the stove when it’s cooking. We’ve been through so many kitchens for both my sons and daughter – and this is a precious starter one!


#8 – Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Magical Musical Mirror

This toy is packed with all kinds of learning and musical fun. One year old girls will get to learn about shapes and feel, colors and opposites as they engage with this lighted vanity set.

I really wish I’d had this for my daughter. This is another one where there’s a precious consumer pic uploaded on the site for you to see a real kid in action. Whenever baby opens the compact, over 15 songs will play for her amusement. The front of the vanity has a spinner.

This mirror set comes with a fluffy white powder puff housed in a pink smiling face container, a comb and lipstick. Baby appropriate jewelry is also included. Baby will love hearing the mirror talk to her as she gets goes through her beauty routine just like mom does!


#9 – VTech – Baby’s Learning Laptop

This sturdy play laptop features play that will help your baby girl learn about shapes, objects and even feelings. The toy has plenty of music and sound effects that will engage your baby’s attention.

As she pushes down on the oversized buttons, she’ll get to hear various sayings. If the laptop is in the playing music mode, the lights can flash in tune with the melody. The laptop has a mouse that’s interactive and it will even ask your child to play.

The laptop will automatically shut down after non-play but is easily restarted when your child presses a button. This is an excellent toy to help your child learn first words.


#10 – Playskool Busy Ball Popper

Be prepared for lots of laughs with this delightful toy. The balls pop up through the center tubing and then up through the air powered system. As the balls come up, they make a funny sound effect, a popping sound.

Music plays as the toy is in motion much like you’d hear on kids’ amusement park ride. The music and sound effects are both engaging. The balls ride the slide around down into the machine and then pop up on a cycle of continuous fun.

The set comes with 5 balls. Kids have as much fun chasing down the balls as they do feeding them back into the toy. It’s perfect for baby girls of 1 year old!


Which of these is your favorite? Do your kids own any of these toys? If so, share for the other Moms and Dads (and grandparents) about what you liked or didn’t like – and why!

Tiff 😉