Hi everyone!  I’ve started doing something a bit differently here on top10toysforkids.com – ordering the products and doing unboxing videos of them with my daughter Scarlett!

So we started with a series of dolls, which I’ll post here – but there will be toys for all ages and both genders reviewed, too. Today we’re unboxing the Barbie Style Midge Doll.

Here’s the video and text below… and Scarlett had just come in from playing outside, so I didn’t notice until afterwards that her nail paint had chipped and she needed to clean her nails. Trust me when I say we did it immediately after making the unboxing videos. LOL

Okay so Scarlett loves fashion with her dolls. She picked this Barbie Style Midge Doll out because of the cute outfit and the look of the doll.

She loves dolls that are articulated – that means it has joints and can move. She loved that the face looks different. She thinks it looks like the older 80s Barbies. LOL Yes, we’re from a bygone era, Moms!

The packaging stinks. They tie down every molecule in that box!

Now it comes with a fashion book, but like Scarlett says, most kids don’t care about that – they like the doll. She loved the fashion of the doll – the sunglasses, the purse (looks like a pie chart she says lol), and the polka dot jeans – those were unique and they feel like jeans, too! She loved the shoes and I have to admit, they’re some of the better looking Barbie shoes and they stay on, too.


One thing Scarlett disapproved of was the amount of heavy mascara she has on. But the rest of her makeup is pretty demure, so that’s good. She liked the puckered lips.

She has little earrings, a bracelet and a watch as accessories, along with a belt that ties in with  her shoes. And her hair is smooth. This is a big deal for Scarlett. She loves the look of curly hair, too – but when it comes time to brush the doll’s hair, it’s almost impossible with the ones that have really curly hair.

This Barbie isn’t one that a ton of people have purchased, it looks like – but we don’t know why. She has a wonderful sense of style, she’s beautifully made, and the articulation means kids can have more imaginative play with her!

We give Midge a big hearty thumbs up.

Tiff and Scarlett 😉